Dry shampoo has become quite the popular hair product as of late, and for good reason. As a girl with unruly thick hair, I can attest to its time-saving, hair-taming, miracle-working abilities. Not to mention, it gives me an extra day between blow-dry sessions when I'm running late to work (which, if my boss is reading this, totally never happens).

But while it may work wonders giving your hair that fresh lift, according to Daily Makeover

and the Huffington Post, dry shampoo might not be so healthy for your hair in the long run.

Here's the thing — a little spritz of dry shampoo might make your hair feel clean again, but it's not actually doing any cleaning. Think of it like this: Dry shampoo "cleans" in the same way you might've as a teenager - by stuffing everything under your bed and pretending it isn't there. Why? Because dry shampoo only masks the gunk that's already in our hair, which includes naturally produced oils from our scalp (and, if you're like me, build-up from other styling products).

Dry shampoo also soaks up excess oil, which is why it so quickly removes that greasy hair feeling. However, our scalps produce oil for a reason. If dry shampoo is left or used on our scalp for too long, it will remove oil that hair follicles need to stay healthy, causing hair to become dry and brittle.

Daily Makeover caught up with Anabel Kingsley, a trichologist who specializes in scalp and hair health. "Very importantly, dry shampoo does not remove dead skin cells from the scalp, which is vital to the health of the hair," she said. She also went on to say that using dry shampoo excessively over a long period of time could also "increase your chances of developing a flaky, itchy scalp ... "

Those over at the Huffington post shared similar cautions. "Dry shampoo doesn't clean hair — it deposits a powder-like residue which only absorbs oils. If powder is left too long in your mane, then it will begin to dry out the hair and scalp ... "

If hearing all that scares you, don't worry. The good news is that you don't have to give up dry shampoo entirely. But if you're a little too dependent, it might be time to take things a little slower. Just be sure you're giving your hair a good wash with real shampoo more often than you're spritzing or spraying it with dry shampoo. That way, your hair stays clean and healthy, and you can still reap all the benefits - and good hair days - that dry shampoo has to offer.

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