One of the most important goals in the lives of many people is to find true happiness. However, they sometimes find that it is not in money, success or material goods, but rather from a place deep within the soul and often the result of numerous good choices. The most common place to find happiness is by following the teachings of Jesus Christ and acting as he would act.

Avoid the trends of the world

Bullying, gossip, vulgar or inappropriate media, dishonesty, immorality and selfishness are some things that we need to avoid in order to find true happiness. Claudio Zivic, a religious leader from Argentina said, "How often do we make a mistake about the right way, letting ourselves be led along by the trends of the world? We need to continually ask ourselves if we are being doers of the words of Jesus Christ." Followers of Christ are not idle. They are doers that go about doing good - serving and lifting others, speaking kind words, making good choices in public and private and acting in accordance with his commandments. We cannot rely on the world as our moral compass. Its needle spins wildly in many directions and will surely not keep us on the path to happiness.

Repentance is often necessary to get back on the right path

Because we are human, we will make mistakes. It is part of the learning process. Hopefully, as we make errors in judgment, we can correct ourselves and get back on the right path. "There are some mistakes that may be serious and if we do not correct them in time, they can permanently lead us off the right path. If we repent and accept correction, these experiences will allow us to humble ourselves, change our actions, and once again draw closer to [God]," said Zivic. Repenting and making proper changes in our lives makes us better people. It helps us to have a closer relationship with God.

True happiness is...

Happiness is the product of our good choices. Doing what is right makes us happy. As we strive to do good continually, we are better able to help others, handle trials in our life and are happier because we have God's help. Good choices lead to good consequences. There are no regrets to kindness, service, honesty, morality, humility and selflessness. Happiness comes from within thus it is hard for happiness to exist in a vessel that is full of wrong-doings and hatred. Staying on the path that leads to Jesus Christ, or true happiness, can fill your soul with joy, peace, love and faith. Only this path leads to true happiness. Here is another article on finding happiness through Christ's example.

It's easy to get caught up in the world's ideas of happiness. But, that kind of happiness is fleeting and temporary. True happiness comes only through sincere efforts to repent and continually make good choices as we strive to follow the path that Jesus Christ walked. He has led the way. We just need to follow him. Happiness is attained by constant vigilance in correcting wrong choices and making good ones.

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