You may be nervous, and this may be your first real job, but keep calm and read on. You were confident and impressive enough to land the job in the first place - the hard part is over. Now is the time to follow through with those promises and be the real life example of everything your resume says you are. Suit up and wow everyone on your first day.

1. Look nice

That means iron everything. Make sure your hair isn't greasy and your shoes are work appropriate. If there is a uniform or certain standard of dressing, make sure you know it and wear it. The first thing customers are going to see is what is on the outside. Your boss will be watching, too.

2. Act nice

Nothing says ready to work like a friendly smile and cheerful disposition. Never show any sign of negativity at work, even if you are nervous, scared or bored. Be courteous in everything you do and say.

3. Speak up

It is too easy to sit back and blend in on the first day. When you act like you are a part of the team and communicate effectively throughout the day, you will make a very good first impression.

4. Ask questions

If you are confused or anxious about a certain task at any time, ask someone who knows. It does nothing to wander around pretending for 20 minutes. Find someone who is not talking with someone else and ask your question politely.

5. Stay calm

If you don't do everything perfect the first time, you are doing everything right. It is alright to make mistakes, especially on the first day. When you choose to take a deep breath and stay calm through it all, your day will fly by.

6. Put your personal things away

As you get used to some jobs, your employer may relax a little bit and allow cell phones or gum chewing. However, for your first few weeks it is important to follow all guidelines and stay away from personal time. Even if you are sitting at a desk for eight hours filing old papers, be careful. Some companies are more uptight than others.

7. Talk to people

You may feel like the newcomer, but don't act like it. When it is appropriate, talk to your fellow employees and ask questions about the job to start conversation. Maybe they all eat lunch together - go with them. You don't have to wait a few months to be a part of the family.

8. Arrive early

To put your best foot forward, arrive about 10 minutes early to your work. Figure out what the environment is like - formal, casual, fun - and work with it.

9. Do the dirty work

If there is a certain task or job that you know nobody wants to do, take the initiative and try it out. Maybe that's why you were hired, but when you act like you enjoy even the smallest task, your positive energy will be contagious.

10. Come back!

Some first days are just hard enough to try to crack the new guy, so when you return smiling again the next day, it says something to your employer. The rough part is over - so keep coming back.

If you follow these tips you will be sure to survive your first day on the job. Stay focused, stay positive, and stay alert - you never know what could happen, even at a slow moving job. Most importantly, congratulations for getting the job in the first place, and happy working!

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