A summer without summer camps, soccer practice, and park days probably has your family feeling more sluggish than ever. The kitchen feels like a revolving door of snacks all day, and the result is lower energy and tighter pants. Spruce up your diet and activity level while this socially distanced workout and diet app is 20 percent off.

Getting healthy from home has never been easier than it is with the BetterMe app, which includes home workouts, meal plans, and personalized tactics to help you reach your health goals. Before you let any excuses creep in like, “I’ve tried workouts at home already” or “I can find recipes online,” consider the 4.5 out of five stars over 87,000 users have given BetterMe in the App Store— they must be on to something.

BetterMe is a home workout and diet plan that’s designed around your personal goals. Need to drink more water? Hoping to increase your daily step count? BetterMe will help you follow an actionable plan with daily articles, tips, meal plans, and personalized sets of exercises.

One of the big perks about an app-based health program like BetterMe is the ability to fit it into your busy schedule. There’s no need to skip a workout class due to a busy day of Zoom-schooling with the kids. The app is always there and ready when you are, whether that’s after the kids to go bed or during their lunchtime video game break.

The perks of BetterMe aren’t limited to squeezing in your workout anytime. The provided meal plans make it easier than ever to cook just one meal for the whole family. If you’ve ever put yourself on a diet, you know the trouble of cooking one meal for yourself and another for the rest of the family. If you have a picky eater on your hands, you may even be cooking three meals at once. BetterMe can keep you sane with an awesome selection of recipes that align with your diet goals, so your entire family can enjoy one delicious meal that’s also healthy.

There are only a few days left to score a lifetime subscription to BetterMe at 20 percent off. Use the code OCTSALE20 now through October 14 to secure your good health for a lifetime.

BetterMe Home Workout & Diet: Lifetime Subscription - $39.99

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