Happiness and unhappiness, isn't hard to recognize. But it can be hard to define. With the stakes so high, you may be reluctant to define what happiness is and what ultimately makes you happy if you end up missing the mark and have to start from scratch. But, as it turns out, this is really how happiness works. It's pretty much a moving target. And continuously evaluating and redefining what makes you happy will ensure you are leading the happiest life possible at any given moment.

How to be happy


Laugh as much as possible. Socialize with friends. Watch funny movies. Attend comedy shows.

Do things you enjoy

Have fun. Dance. Sing. Throw or attend game nights. Have girls or guys nights out. Make time for your hobbies.

Be with people you enjoy

Really figure out who you truly enjoy, and who you just tolerate or don't connect with as much. Make as much time as you can for people who really enjoy you, and whom you easily enjoy.


Trust yourself, your source, and others. Even if things in life don't seem to be working in your favor, trust that you are protected and taken care of. Someone, somewhere is looking out for you.

Have faith

Remember to really engage your spiritual relationships. Especially in hardships and during tough life transitions.

Enjoy the journey

Life is a journey, not a destination. Happiness is also a journey. Be flexible with your definitions of happiness, and how this happiness is achieved in your life. Once you make your plans for happiness, revise as necessary.


Accept yourself, others, the world and your source the way it is. You may not like it, or agree with it, but you can accept it. If you do want to change something, go for it. But come from a happy, positive place. Remember to better yourself as you better other things.

Love motivation

Be motivated by love, not fear. Let love guide you to a better life worth working for. Don't let fear or anger lead you down a path of righteous crusading against.

Let go

Let go of good and bad. Right and wrong. Focus on what you enjoy. What works for you. What has the most benefit. Let go of what you cannot control; anything outside yourself and your decisions. Let go of negative emotions like guilt, shame, despair and unworthiness.


Surround yourself with people and experiences that support the life you want. Make sure the people you spend the most time with or what you spend the most time on, are both positive and affirming. The people you keep close in your life don't necessarily need to believe in and value exactly what you do. You just want to be sure they respect and support the person you are, and what's important to you.

Holding onto to an old, outdated definition of happiness can be disillusioning to say the least. More than just living in a state of current unhappiness, longing for the satisfaction that used to come with certain experiences can leave you convinced happiness is a target that's impossible to hit. But happiness is possible. And what makes you happy changes over time. Go with the flow. I find my daily happiness in laughter, dancing, working out to music, creative writing and cooking. I also really love animals and playing thinking games. Find your happiness wherever it comes. Be in it. And be happy.

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