Let's face it, we are all looking for ways to either save or make a little extra money.

At the same time, it can feel a little daunting when we are already working hard and staying very busy with little or no time to work anything extra.

So what can you do?

There are some very simple things you can do to save a substantial amount of money this month to help pad your pocket and pay those pesky monthly expenses.

1. Start spend-free Friday

Any day of the week you choose to go spend-free will work, but the most important part is to pick a day once a week where you spend absolutely no money.

Most Americans spend an average of $20 eating out at lunch, adding up to $1,040 each year, and that's just one meal.

Make breakfast at home, pack your lunch and brush up on your cooking skills. It's a simple but efficient way to save a dollar or two.

2. Turn off the lights and the heat

Sometimes people forget that keeping the lights, heat or air conditioning on can quickly add up to a higher energy bill. Making sure to turn off lights in unused rooms or keeping the heater or air conditioning on timers will make sure your energy bill stays low and your bank account balance stays high.

3. Go cable free

We are lucky to be living in a time where there are now so many inexpensive ways to watch our favorite shows and sports instead of having to rely on cable TV.

Some streaming packages are as little as $8 a month with the option of different add-ons for the movie buffs or sports lovers. Even if you signed up for a couple different ones, the overall cost is still a lot cheaper than most cable packages.

Cut the cord and you will save yourself a lot of money in the long run.

4. Make generic brands your go-to

As simple as it sounds it really can make a difference in your overall grocery bill to switch to generic brands.

Afraid you will lose out on quality? Surprisingly, most generic brands taste or are pretty much the same as their name-brand counterparts, but they will save you anywhere from 20 cents to $1. Each of those little savings will add up to big savings and you will find yourself keeping your food budget and even having a little extra to put toward the things you really need.

5. Make sure to pay yourself

Paying yourself may sound a little funny, but essentially, it's a great way to give back to yourself and your savings account each month.

Set up an automatic transfer from your savings to your checking, or you can do it as often as every time you receive your paycheck.

This is a surefire way to make sure you are actually putting money into that important savings account, and after some time, you will be pleasantly surprised to see how much you have actually saved without having to even think about it.

6. Use the credit card

It may sound like counterintuitive advice, but using your credit card properly, especially if it's a cash back card, can really save you money.

Cash back cards can really make spending money a little more worth your while simultaneously giving back a little of what you spend. Obviously, you still have to make sure you still spend wisely and within your means, and that you have a good credit card company.

7. Get money from things you already buy

There are many people and companies that want to help you and your family spend and save money wisely, and one of those is ZipHub. By using their search engine to power your purchases you can earn money on your every day purchases.

ZipHub is not only a place for your business to buy what it needs, but it's also a place to give a little back with every dollar you spend. If you want to have an enjoyable shopping experience while simultaneously giving back to your favorite charities or group of your choice, ZipHub is the place for you.

Although earning and saving extra money each month can seem like a daunting task, these simple tasks can really help you to save a lot of money in the end.

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