First off, there is no judging, here. There are people with many kinds of trials and emotional difficulties everywhere in all walks of life. Those with addictions wear their trials on the outside whereas some can hide their trials very well on the inside. We all have trials. We are all human beings. No judging.

There are people with smoking addictions, sex addictions, pornography addictions, drugs, alcohol, gambling, and food addictions; you name it, there are people addicted to it. How is this possible?

There have been many studies over the past 20 years on this very topic. What is it that makes people addicted to anything?

Here are four reasons why:

1. It's genetic

: Unfortunately, those who have come before us transfer the possibility in passing on certain addictions. According to research, being a child of alcoholic parents makes it four times more likely to become an alcoholic, themselves. But this doesn't mean we should follow in their footsteps. We can break the cycle of addiction by taking steps with an addiction counselor or program.

2. Dealing with mental illness

: There are many addicted people who also suffer from mental health disorders in some way or another. Depression, bi-polar disorder, anxiety all motivate people to use drugs or mind changing stimulants to help them feel better. The medications given by physicians can cause other physical ailments so the temptation to turn to other forms of relief is very great. It is painful not to feel good, and until those with any kind of mental disorder understand what is needed to heal, these addictions will continue.

3. Submitting to peer pressure

: When teens pressure each other into smoking, drinking, drugs or anything else available, it has been shown through research and study that progression of these addictions will lead to serious abuse. Even adults in the workplace have temptations to join the crowd to bond with each other and follow along in drinking, drugs or other addictions. Parents need to watch their children's habits and provide help when an addiction is discovered. Co-workers should uphold a standard with each other, so addictions are not started.

4. Childhood trauma

: The abuse of children is horrendous and what makes it worse is the emotional scarring of these heinous acts can have a lasting effect way into adulthood. It has been reported that repeated sexual abuse and other traumatic childhood experiences can shape a child's brain chemistry, followed by a vulnerability to addiction. Again, those with this experience can seek help to heal their broken spirits and minds and become whole.

Sometimes it is difficult for others who never had an addiction to be compassionate toward those who do; especially in the same family. The addiction road is a long one to travel without help. Protect your family and find ways to heal from the challenges we are presented with in life. Here are other ways to handle addiction.

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