Published in Desarollo Personal by Camila Gómez on October 20, 2013

Translated and adapted by Anders Peterson from the original article "Consejos para lucir siempre bella" by Camila Gómez

The saying goes that there's only one opportunity to make a good first impression. This saying applies to all aspects of our lives, but especially to our personal appearance. Having a good appearance doesn't mean having the most famous trend or the most expensive clothing that exists, but being clean, neat and tidy. It brings us safety and harmony, it boosts our self-esteem and makes our husbands fall in love with us again and again. Who could ask for anything more?

Looking good must be a priority, this is why I will give you some advice about the things you can include in your daily list in order to always look confident and beautiful.


It doesn't matter if it is citric or sweet, put a good fragrance on your skin because it makes you feel fresh and clean. However, as time goes by, the scent can disappear. It is a good option to have in your purse a small travel-size perfume.


Having healthy and shiny hair is not everything. It is also important to always have brushed and clean hair. Take a hairbrush with you since you never know when a strong wind can damage your hair.

Natural looking make-up

Natural looking make-up is much better than having an unwashed face. This makes us look more feminine and concerned about ourselves. It is good to remember that it is better to apply makeup with natural light rather than artificial light, because the artificial light changes the colors that are seen outside. If you like, you can carry a make-up kit to use during the day.

Comfortable, yet discreet, clothing

Many women like to wear wide necklines and short dresses. Nevertheless, in my conversations with men, I have realized that they prefer less revealing clothing. It is not necessary to be revealing in order to call people's attention. In the same manner, avoid using tight clothing, prominent necklines and short skirts. It is much better to use clothing that is your correct size. Make sure you pay attention to these details when buying clothing.

Wear comfortable shoes

This does not mean that you should wear old fashioned shoes. They can be comfortable and stylish. Keep in mind that every time we wear high heels we elevate our feet and we can damage them as well as our ankles.

Moderate accessories

Every time you look for personal accessories, think of your stature, figure and likes. Remember that they must be appropriate for the occasion.

Never wear four different colors

It is essential to combine our clothing. Just remember not to use more than four colors. Otherwise, you can look tacky.

Purses and bags

We must know that even though big purses are in style, they do not match every woman. For example, if you are short and chubby like me, it is better to use small and medium purses, because the big ones only make you look shorter and wider.

Every one of us is beautiful because we are women. It does not matter if we consider ourselves to be imperfect. As you dress up, think of your husband and kids who need to be proud of the wonderful woman they have in their lives. In order to love them, you must first love yourself.

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