Confidence may not be something you think about much - unless you don't have it. For women, developing self-confidence can be particularly difficult due to societal pressures to conform to certain appearances or particular roles. If you're struggling with self-esteem - or just looking to feel your best - finding a more confident you might be easier than you think.

Get something done

Has it been ages since you've crossed off an item on your do-do list? That procrastination could be undermining your self-confidence. The feeling of accomplishment naturally gives your self-esteem a boost, so when you're accomplishing nothing, you can expect the opposite result. Spend a day ticking items off your list (regardless how long). You'll feel more capable, more competent and - yes! - more confident.

Do some service

Strange as it may sound, your inner confidence might reside somewhere far outside yourself. If you're looking to build your self-esteem, try doing something that's not about you at all. Whether that means running a 5k for cancer research, taking dinner to a sick friend or volunteering at a neighborhood cleanup event, you'll be surprised how helping someone else can give your own a confidence a welcome boost.

Smile more

Is better self-confidence just a smile away? Maybe. Smiling and laughing can have a positive effect on your wellbeing - and genuinely improve your mood and health. When you smile, you become instantly more attractive to the world around you, drawing people in, rather than pushing them away.

Accept compliments

There's nothing like a genuine, heartfelt compliment. But for people with low confidence, it's tough to accept them graciously. Next time someone admires your dress or compliments a new hairstyle, don't deflect - cherish it! Low self-esteem makes it difficult to accept - and give - genuine compliments. Practice accepting compliments with a heartfelt "thank you," and, equally important, practice offering genuine praise. Your confidence will be all the better for it.

Chill out

Stress and anxiety aren't just bad for your health; they can be catastrophic to your self-confidence. If you're feeling overworked and overstressed, take a time out. When you slow down, even if that means nixing a few seemingly important responsibilities, you'll feel more in control of your life, making you more confident. Bonus: now you'll have time for that yoga class or just an evening relaxing with a good book.

Reflect on your accomplishments

That blue ribbon for best cherry pie might not be a Nobel Prize, but it certainly reflects your talent and hard work. When you feel you're lacking in confidence, think about all you've accomplished in your life - whether that means appreciating your career, education and family, or pulling out a scrapbook to remind yourself of past awards and recognitions. Taking a moment to revel in your success can keep those confidence-undermining moments at bay.

Take the high road

Holding grudges? Nursing those little (or big) resentments could be undermining your confidence. If you want to improve your self-esteem and confidence, you could start with forgiveness. Practicing forgiveness not only earns you popularity and respect, it also makes you like yourself and the world around you.

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