I love ingenuity and here is a list of great ideas from everyday people that will make your life simpler:

  1. Stuff a miniature marshmallow into a sugar cone to reduce ice cream drips.

  2. Line a large plastic cereal container (the kind with the flip-top lid) with a grocery bag to use as a car waste basket.

  3. When using an extension cord, tie it in a loose knot with the cord to the appliance you're using to keep them from coming unplugged.

  4. Use a slice of bread to pick up those fine little pieces of glass when you break something.

  5. Put an apple in with your potatoes to keep them from sprouting.

  6. Place coffee filters in the bottom of plant pots to keep soil from leaking out.

  7. Coffee filters are also great for washing windows as they are lint free.

  8. If you accidentally over-salt a dish, drop a potato in to absorb the excess.

  9. Use a rubber glove to open a tight lid.

  10. Non-stick cooking spray will prevent tomato sauce stains on your plastic ware.

  11. To soften up hard brown sugar, stick an apple slice in the container.

  12. Rub a bar of soap on a mosquito bite to stop the itch.

  13. Need to hang a power strip or surge protector? Photocopy the back of it then tape the photocopy to the wall to show you where to drill the holes.

  14. Pull tabs from soda containers make excellent and free picture hangers. Screw them into the frame and use the top loop to hang.

  15. Run hands under cold water to keep Rice Krispie treats from sticking to them when you pat them into the pan.

  16. Wrapping celery in aluminum foil will keep it fresh much longer.

  17. Keep bananas fresh longer by wrapping the joined stems in plastic wrap.

  18. Draw the line on ants - with chalk. Drawing a line with chalk where you see them marching will prevent them from going further. They won't cross the line.

  19. To remove a minor clog in a drain, remove all standing water, drop an Alka-Seltzer down the drain, followed by a cup of white vinegar. Wait a few minutes and then run hot water.

  20. Alka-Seltzer also works great to clean jewelry. Two tablets in a glass of water and then immerse for two minutes.

  21. The same effervescent tablets will clean that brown ick from the bottom of a vase or a thermos.

  22. Use cellophane tape to remove splinters. Stick over splinter and remove.

  23. Drop an egg on the floor? Sprinkle with table salt and wait a few minutes. Salt sets the egg and makes it much easier to scoop up.

  24. Put a fragrant herbal tea bag in stinky sneakers to absorb the odor and leave behind a pleasant fragrance.

  25. Use a wide rubber band to remove a stripped screw. Place between screw head and screw driver for better grip.

  26. Use binder clips on the wires of wire shelves to keep things from rolling or shifting. Great for wire refrigerator shelves to keep cans and bottles rolling all over.

  27. Turn over a 4-legged bar stool to use as a wrapping paper holder. Stores those long rolls quite nicely.

  28. Hang those multi-pocket shoe hangers over every door for storage. Works great in craft rooms, offices, bathrooms, kitchens and garages.

  29. Use gallon milk jugs in the garage or workroom. Cut a hole on one side, lay them down on their sides and sort your hardware or craft items.

  30. Use a turkey baster for pancake batter to make fun shapes.

  31. Tension headache? Rub half a lime on your forehead to ease the throbbing.

  32. Use kitty litter to absorb oil and grease from a garage floor. Also keep a bag in the trunk of your car for extra traction on icy roads.

  33. Plant herbs in egg shells and decorate your windowsill with lovely fragrant spices. Just crack off about a third of the top, place in an egg holder, fill with potting soil and plant your herbs.

  34. Use leftover twist ties to manage cord confusion.

  35. Broken through flip-flop? Push back through and fasten with a square bread clip.

  36. Repair frayed shoelace tips by dipping them in clear nail polish.

  37. Remove oil stains on clothing with cheap shampoo.

  38. When slicing onions, hold a crusty piece of bread in your mouth (with most of it hanging out) to absorb droplets of harsh onion juice.

  39. Remove the smell of onions from your hands by washing them with soap and water and then, while wet, rubbing them up and down the faucet a few times.

  40. If you sustain chemical burns from cutting hot peppers, slather them with shortening, put on gloves, and the heat will transfer into the shortening. Wash with soap and water. (Please don't ask how I know this. Thank you, poison control!)

There you have it. Forty handy little household hints that will hopefully help simplify your life.

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