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You know that feeling when your face gets hot, your hands start shaking, your breathing quicks, and you suddenly want to start screaming? Those days when the littlest things will set you off on your friends, family, or coworkers? It is like you are about to have a complete emotional meltdown!

It is an unfortunate fact of life that things are not always going to be easy. When life’s stressors add up, you might start feeling emotionally on edge. You might say you are overwhelmed, panicky, and angry and not even be 100 percent sure as to why. Know that you are not alone, and days like this happen to everyone. Read through these tips so that the next time you start feeling emotionally on edge, you can help self-soothe the frustrations away.

Check Your Basic Needs

When we stay up too late at night, do not eat healthy foods, binge on caffeine, or rarely exercise, it affects our body’s optimal functioning. When we do not maintain these necessities of life, we get cranky. Eating high sugar foods can cause our endorphins to get out of whack, while not enough sleep can leave us struggling to focus on easy projects. More so, ignoring what our body needs can lead to serious health problems. This can further hurt our emotional well-being. When you feel yourself getting emotionally out of control, check to see if your basic needs are met. A quick run and a good meal can do wonders for improving your mood.

Learn to Ask For Help

There is no shame in admitting that you feel overwhelmed and like you are going to explode. If you have too much on your plate, and cannot get it all done, ask someone for a helping hand. It is OK to say no when you do not have the bandwidth to complete a task. If additional help from family and friends just will not cut it, consider reaching out to a therapist. Feeling emotionally on edge all the time can be a sign of underlying mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. A professional doctor will be able to give you advice and guide you on the right path. Millions of Americans struggle with these diseases and do not even know it. There is hope for getting better.

Check Your Stress Level

Having an abundance of stress can manifest in a lot of different ways, but one of the most common is feeling incredibly on edge. You probably have seen friends or coworkers lash out at others because they were going through a particularly stressful time. How do you know if you have too much to handle? First, write down a list of all the things causing stress in your life. Make a note of the daily things that add on stress, as well as any recent big or unexpected tragedies. Don’t forget to consider the state of the world, too. These things add up and affect your emotions in a big way. Once you know the causes of your stress, you can start looking for ways to cut items out or strategies to manage their effect on you.

Do a Breathing Exercise

Doing a breathing exercise is a great way to nip an emotional meltdown in the bud. You might not be able to stop the problematic situation you are in from occurring; however, you can control and change how you respond to it. When you start feeling your emotions intensify, pause and acknowledge their presence. Then, take a few deep breaths in and out. Count to ten in your head. If you have the time and space, consider doing a guided meditation or yoga session. This will help get you back to your center. While negative emotions will come, you can let them pass through you.

Surround Yourself With Support

Do you choose your friends wisely, or do you let people who no longer serve you continue to leech off your life? You should be surrounding yourself with friends and family that support you and push you to be the best version of yourself. Remove those who use you for their gain, do not treat you with respect, encourage bad habits, or push your buttons. When you are feeling down, and on edge, you should have friends that reach out to check on you if you are alright, not leave you hanging. You will find you have fewer days where you are feeling bad when you have a sound support system in place.

Most problems in life will not be solved within an instant. There will be days where your emotions are high, and it feels like you are going to explode. This, too, will pass. Using these tips to identify your stressors and bring your emotions back down will help you get over the frantic feeling you have.

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