Yes, you can have an exercise program and love it. The trick is to create a program that is designed for you specifically because you are unique. The great thing about exercise is that it completely belongs to you and no one else. You get out of exercise, what you put into it. With tons of options for exercising you can find something that you love doing, love it and then turn exercise into an event to look forward to.

Myself? I did not care for exercising when I was younger. I much preferred to stay indoors, watch television, read or do crafts. However, I always enjoyed the water. One day in ninth grade I saw a poster advertising for swim team tryouts. After swimming for a while I saw another poster advertising a local triathlon and decided to try that. One thing has led to another, and since then I have found several activities that I enjoy outside including hiking, surfing, skiing, rock climbing and mountain biking. Now you do not need to get that serious, or even follow a path into outdoor activities. Exercise is about you and what makes you happy.

1- Think about what you like to do

If you do not like running, I suggest you do not run for exercise. If you like dancing, find a dance class. If you do not have money for the dance class, check out the internet. There are hundreds of exercise options and new ones coming out weekly. Pick one, explore, change it up and find your favorite. I also like to have a lot of ideas in my back pocket and change it up.

2- Think about what time of the day you are most awake and energetic

Generally speaking, most of us are a night person or a morning person. You are more likely to exercise, and do so better, when you exercise at these times during the day. Personally, I am a morning person, and if I don't exercise before noon, it usually does not happen.

3- Schedule it

This is where it gets a little tricky and you might have to get a little creative. I have a tight schedule, and I don't get 2 hours to myself every morning to exercise. For the mornings I am at home, I have found some exercise videos that I enjoy to do at home then save swimming for the mornings that I don't stay at home.

*Bonus idea- Make it a party

Everything is better with a friend. There is conversation, encouragement and team work as you both reach your goal. I had a friend that would rent out a local squash club for parties. Trust me, you have never sweat this much at a party in your entire life.

Make exercising about you. The biggest reason for failure is boredom and perceived lack of time. Make exercise something you plan to do which then becomes something to look forward to and then something you love to do. Go out there and own it.

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