As we grow older, we begin to notice our bodies fall apart. We sag in unwanted places, we tire more easily, we begin to grow grey hair and more, which often makes us forget how beautiful we truly are. July 23 is Gorgeous Grandma Day. This day is an excellent reminder that even though we are getting older, we are still beautiful. Here are several ways we can keep our self-esteem and self-worth high, even as our young looks begin to fade.

Compliment yourself and accept compliments

Each day when you look in the mirror, find something you like. Whether your hair falls right into place or the pants you are wearing flatter your waistline, there is always something that will make you feel beautiful. Every day, give yourself a compliment. And if you have a hard time finding something you like, find three things in your life that make you happy. When you look for the good in your life, no matter what it is, looking for your strengths becomes second nature.

Also, when others give you a compliment, thank them. Tell them you appreciate the thoughtful comment. Most compliments are sincere and need to be taken seriously. When you receive a compliment, don't just let it pass by. Think about it often and really take it to heart.

Pamper yourself

Sometimes all you need is a good pedicure or a new haircut to help you feel good about yourself. Spend a little money and pamper yourself. Buy a new outfit or visit the salon to color your hair. Just do something that will help you feel better about your outward appearance. Even though that feeling won't last, it may provide that little boost to help you overcome a depressed or discouraged state. But remember, money won't buy you happiness so don't spend a fortune trying to improve your outward appearance. Nothing will affect your beauty and your outward appearance like your inner self and your attitude.

Stop the comparisons

Do not compare yourself to other individuals. You are unique. You have special characteristics that make you the person you are. Even though you may think someone ages better than you, someone has a better body than you or someone has more opportunities than you to improve their appearance, it doesn't matter. You can't change your circumstances. You can't change the person you are. And, while you may be comparing yourself to someone else, they may be comparing themselves to you. It is a vicious cycle and if it isn't broken, you will find yourself frustrated and your self-esteem lowered.

Be active

You don't have to run miles every day, but a little exercise will do wonders for your self-esteem and your appearance. Exercise can help you avoid those dreaded pounds that seem to appear as you age. It can also slow down the aging process and help you not only look, but also feel much younger. You will be able to participate in activities, have the energy to play with your children or grandchildren and avoid many health problems that tend to arise the older you become.

It is normal for each of us to feel like our self-esteem dwindles as we age. Our wrinkles, grey hair and sagging body can be discouraging and overwhelming. But, it doesn't have to tear down our self-worth. By applying the above suggestions, you can enjoy high self-esteem, even when everything around you starts to change.

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