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Justine Bateman, 57, recently appeared in a viral interview with "60 Minutes Australia" where she spoke about embracing the signs of aging. Following that interview, Bateman appeared in an interview on "Today" with hosts Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie where she continued speaking on her goal to inspire women to embrace aging.

In her "60 Minutes Australia" interview, she opened up about a time when she was in her early 40's and noticed that Google would autocomplete a search of her name with "looks old." She spoke about her feelings saying, "I just don't give a s---. I think I look rad. I think my face represents who I am. I like it." In her interview with "Today," she shared how happy she was that she was able to inspire young women around the world, telling a story about a message she received from a mother who said her interview helped her daughter get over her fear of aging. She said the message read, "I never realized what impact this conversation was having on younger women until my 16-year-old daughter came in from the other room. She said, 'Hey, did you guys see the 60 Minutes thing with Justine Bateman?' She said it was great- - now I'm not afraid of getting old." Bateman added how touched she was by the message by saying, "I was like, oh my god, if just one person, like, is not afraid. It's silly. I've never been smarter, I've never had more connections. It's like when you're younger you know the guy at the door of the nightclub? When you're older, you know the person who owns the building that the nightclub is in."

Bateman offered her advice to any young women watching by saying, "I would say to any young woman, you're being lied to. Who is making money off this? You're being lied to and you're being tricked off your path. You've got awesome things coming your way. Just stay on your path and just ride it out."

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