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Candace Cameron Bure's daughter, Natasha, recently opened up on her Instagram Stories about her current style, and how she is aiming to dress more modestly. While doing a Q&A session on her Instagram Stories, Natasha, 24, was asked about her views on modesty. The question asked, "What are your views on modesty? Where do you draw the line?" where Bure began her answer by saying, "Modesty and I have come a long way truthfully." She continued by saying, "A year or two ago I dressed COMPLETELY different and showed WAY more of my body than I ever needed to. A lot of that came from where I was finding my worth and thinking that showing more skin, was more attractive." She added saying, "I actually think the opposite now. I think dressing classy & upholding modesty is so beautiful. I'll actually feel myself 100x more & am so much more confident in outfits that show less skin. I still want to dress stylishly and keep up with the trends but I don't ever want to compromise my values. I want my words and how I present myself, to match!!"

Natasha is the eldest of Candace Cameron Bure and her husband Valeri Bure's three children. In addition to Natasha, the pair also shares two sons, Maksim Valerievich Bure, 21, and Lev Valerievich Bure, 23. Natasha is following in her mother's footsteps starring in movies such as "Home Sweet Home," "The Farmer and the Belle," and "Switched for Christmas." She also made a cameo in her mom's show "Fuller House" in 2020 and is set to star in an upcoming holiday movie, "A Christmas for the Ages." Along with acting, Bure has also pursued a musical career, starring on Season 11 of "The Voice." In 2019, Bure spoke exclusively with Fox News detailing her choice to pursue singing. "I think it was something I kind of found on my own," the former "The Voice" contestant recalled at the time. "For a long time, I was really into musical theatre, which is a lot different from film." She also opened up about not falling into "temptations" while in Hollywood, crediting her parents for raising her that way. "I really do owe the way that I am to my parents because I was raised in a pretty, I wouldn't say strict household, but I would say, I was definitely guarded and I had a lot of rules," Natasha explained. "I wasn't given an overly excessive amount of freedom where I could just do whatever I want you know just kind of run wild. I think because of that I don't really get tempted too much in Hollywood." After her run on "The Voice," Bure went on to create her own music, releasing her single "Unlove You" earlier this year.

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