It's 2:13 a.m., and you are wide awake. It's too hot. It's too cold. It's uncomfortable. You've already gotten up twice, and you don't need to go to the bathroom. Why won't your mind shut off? Why does this always happen? If any of the previous statements apply to you, keep reading. If you have been missing that good night's sleep, here are ten things you should be doing differently. Don't fall asleep when you read these.

1. Be clean

If you are hot, sweaty, dirty, or any type of gross, you will not get a good night's sleep. Take a shower, brush your teeth, and make sure you have adequate bedding.

2. Be comfy

Speaking of adequate bedding, make sure you have enough pillows and blankets to keep you comfortable. Adjust your mattress or take off your socks if you aren't feeling it.

3. Don't go to bed full

Eating right before you sleep can do a number on your stomach. Experts advise you go to bed hungry, draining you more of your energy and allowing you to fall asleep quickly.

4. Be active during the day

The more energetic and active you are when the sun is out, the more tired you will be at night. Think of yourself as a really big baby - you need to stay awake and lively as long as possible to be knocked out for the night.

5. Tune out

If you get easily distracted by flashing lights, buzzing sounds, or mild talking, make sure your environment is clear. However, if that additional noise helps you get to sleep faster, work with it. Figure out what is best for you.

6. Write down your stress

If you are a tosser and turner, write down everything on your mind before you get under the covers. Studies show that those who clear their mind on paper can go to bed somewhat peacefully and stay asleep.

7. Avoid midnight horrors

Yes, we all get the spooks sometimes. If you go to sleep afraid, odds are you will awake in the middle of the night even more afraid. Stick with Maid in Manhattan.

8. Avoid afternoon naps

When you wake up at three or four in the afternoon, you will most likely be grumpy and less likely to fall asleep at night.

9. Count anything

Sheep, ocean waves, or counting backwards can really help.

10. Just do it

When you act sleepy and get in position to fall asleep, it will hit you sooner than you thought. Just work with it and get in a good position until you find yourself drifting. No Inception necessary.

We hope with these tips you'll be snoozing and snoring in no time. Don't be discouraged if this doesn't work in one night. Don't try all at once and figure out what works best for you. Close your eyes, tuck yourself in, and be prepared for the best night of sleep yet.

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