Find out what they are and how to prevent them.

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association analyzed whether the month people are born in has any impact on the type of diseases they will contract in life.

Researches studied 1.75 million individuals born from 1900 to 2000, and the results were surprising.

At least 55 diseases are strictly related to the month in which each individual was born.

The most striking find is that the month in which you were born can determine not only your personality, but also impacts your chances of developing certain diseases.

According to the results obtained in the study, people born in October are more likely to develop:

Heart problems (including atrial fibrillation, high blood pressure and heart failure). They may also suffer from pre-infarction syndrome. On the other hand, men born in this month are more likely to develop malignant testicular cancer.

Those born in September

They are more likely to suffer from angina, heart problems from complications of care and cardiomyopathy.

Those born in November

Those born in this month are more likely to suffer chronic myocardial ischemia, or problems with the mitral valve disorders. They may also suffer from pulmonary and bronchial problems. November babies also have a higher risk for developing Attention Deficit Disorder.

Those born in May

People born in May are more likely to suffer from respiratory problems and infections.

Those born in April and March

These are the lucky ones. April and March babies are only more prone to bruising more easily than average.

Those born in February

They are more likely to have insect bites.

Those born in June

It is easier for them to develop or contract venereal disease.

Those born in January

These lucky ones also had no major complications, but were more prone to diseases that cause them to vomit.

There are some months that are not listed because there is not enough data to prove a cause and relationship between the months and disease.

Looking at the study, you can see that people born in October and November are the most likely to suffer from heart disorders, but scientists have not yet discovered an explanation for why that is.

Science continues to investigate the relationship of cause and effect between months of birth to disease. Some suspect these problems may come from a lack of certain vitamins or minerals during specific months (for example, receiving Vitamin D from the sun is more difficult during winter).


Don't panic about what diseases this study shows you are prone to developing, but do keep this information in mind so if symptoms arise, you can get adequate medical care and take steps to prevent disease. It is also important to eat a well-balanced diet and get enough physical activity.

This article was adapted and translated from the original "Dinos en qué mes naciste y descubre qué enfermedades tendrás en tu vida (la ciencia lo confirma)," which was originally published on

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