Losing weight and getting fit are consistently among the top three New Year's resolution year after year, after year. We gear up, we buy gym memberships, we get the latest and greatest exercise equipment. We set stringent guidelines to begin the New Year with a bang.

And then we hit the snooze button on Jan. 2, roll over, go back to sleep, and get right back into our rut.

So here is your NEW New Year's resolution ... Stop dieting. Wait, what?? Yes, you read that right. STOP the crazy on again off again yo yo that you have been on for the last umpteen years. STOP it! In fact, I used to be so bold as to say throw the scale out the window.

Obviously, being obsessed with a number on the scale has gotten you all sorts of nowhere in the past, so what makes you think zoning in on it will make a difference this time?

Here's the beauty of changing your focus - once you become un-obsessed with the numbers, and work more on building better habits, your weight will go down. Here's the key - it will go down as a side effect to an overall healthier life. It will be a bit slower than the latest powders and potions promise, but it will finally be a lasting change.

Five ways to jump start a new you

1. Slender-size

Want to give yourself a gift that gives back? Get a set of small bowls and plates. Studies show that we can trick our body with our eyes. If you put ½ cup of ice cream in an over-sized bowl, you will feel deprived. But the same amount in a small parfait dish, and you are suddenly having a fun dessert.

This is not new, our grandparents even knew this trick, even if they didn't know that they knew it. Go into any antique store and check out the size of the dinner plates. They will be about the size of our salad plates. Crazy, but true - is it any wonder that our hips have super-sized right along with the serving sizes?

2. Use the apple test

More often than not, when we are standing in front of the fridge, it's not hunger that drove us there.

We eat for many reasons, boredom, stress, excitement, social pressure. Many times we have lost touch with actual hunger cues. The next time you find yourself perusing the candy stash, ask yourself this simple question, "Would I eat an apple right now?" If it doesn't sound good, you are most likely not hungry. If your answer is yes, then you are most likely in tune with your hunger cues.

This also works great to quell the kids "I'm SOOOO hungry," cries as they try to stave off bed time!

3. Eat to end hunger, not to feel full

Once you master your hunger cues, learn to listen to them. You don't have to eat until your buttons pop. When you stop feeling hungry, simply put the fork down and back away. Release yourself from the clean plate club - just because it's on your plate, doesn't mean it has to go in your mouth. If you really can't stand to see food go down the drain, wrap it up and store it for a later meal. Watch your grocery budget shrink right along with your waistline.

4. Schedule exercise

"I don't have time to exercise," is one of the most common excuses I get. Nobody hastime to exercise. We have to make time to exercise. Make an appointment with yourself. Write it in pen. Put your workout shoes right by your bed so you trip over them in the morning. Whatever you have to do to make sure you keep it foremost in your planning.

5. Look long, step small

Set a goal of what you want to see when you look in the mirror next New Year's Eve. Write it out and stick it where you will see it every day. Then set a half point goal for the 4th of July. Then set a daily goal. Something that you will do each and every day to help you achieve your yearlong goal.

The time is going to pass. When it does, who do you want to see? The same person staring at you now, wondering why you didn't just start a year ago, or the person celebrating their success? The choice is yours. Make it now, and then make it again and again each and every day.

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