There is a lot of truth to the saying, "When it rains, it pours." We all have days when we want to hop into bed, curl up in a ball and cry. Whether you are dealing with a frustrating boss at work, refereeing children, constantly finding items that are broken or all of the above, it can be easy to let yourself become discouraged and frustrated. Luckily, there is hope. You don't have to sit under a gloomy rain cloud all day. You can find that sunshine.

Here are five ways to keep a positive outlook on your life.

1. Give yourself a pep talk

Just like this adorable, curly-haired girl did in the video, give yourself a pep talk. Verbalize all of the things in your life that are going well and that you enjoy. If you think about your family and friends, your home, your day-to-day activities and more, you will find something that will boost your spirit. There is always something that can turn a day around and by taking a look at the positive and verbalizing it, those spirit boosters are much easier to find.

2. Share with others

You never know when someone is having a terrible day. By sharing with others, you can bring a little joy into someone else's life. Share a plate of cookies, a smile or even a funny email. There are many things around you that can brighten up someone else's day - including yourself.

3. Don't wallow in self-pity

When times are tough it is easy to concentrate on the negative. Don't let those awful feelings overtake you. Do not sit and stare at a TV or computer screen all day trying to forget life's challenges. What you often forget is that when the computer or TV is turned off, those feelings return. Instead, you need to become active and do something fun. Take a hike and breathe some fresh air or go to the museum and learn something new. Don't sit and feel sorry for yourself. Do something about it.

4. Spend time with those you love

During some of the hardest times in life, the people you care and love the most are often the people you turn to first. Make an effort to spend time with your friends and family. Play games, cook dinner, sit down and talk together as a family. When you are with those you care about the most, you feel comfortable and content and it becomes easier to dissolve discouraging and overwhelming feelings. Your family and friends are also the individuals you trust the most. Ask them for advice on how to handle the rainy day you are experiencing.

5. Find an activity that works for you

Find an activity or hobby you enjoy doing that calms you down and helps you feel better. When you feel those dark and tear-filled days coming, stop what you are doing and indulge yourself in that activity. Make yourself feel better before the hard times begin to pile themselves on top of one another. If you don't know what your activity might be, try a variety of options. You may find that certain activities handle certain feelings better than others.

You don't have to live life under a dark rain cloud. When you see the dark clouds beginning to cover, give yourself a verbal pep talk, share with those around you, get out of the house, spend time with family and friends and participate in a calming activity. By making a conscience effort, you can dissolve that rain cloud and let the sun shine through once again.

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