This article was originally published on Anonymous Thank Yous, a site dedicated to posting stories of gratitude performed by strangers. It has been republished here with permission.

My daughter's soccer coach pulled her out of the game right after it started and motioned me over. I was wondering what was going on? When I got to my daughter the coach and another man had her lying on the ground. She was gray in color, and her face and hands were swollen huge.

In a raspy voice she looked at me and said, "I can't breathe." I instantly held her and told her to try and be calm. I had no idea what was going on but I knew she was in trouble. Another man, in a purple shirt, came over and said she was having an allergic reaction and was in anaphylactic shock.

He pulled out his daughter's epi-pen [miracle #1] and handed it to the other man who just happened to be an EMT [miracle #2], who quickly stuck her in the thigh. My daughter came around for a little bit and then went back into shock. Her breathing became distance and she fell limp in my arms, just then the ambulance arrived.

We quickly jumped into the back of the ambulance and I watched as two other men fought to save my daughter's life. I vividly remember the EMT struggling to get an IV started on her, so one of them prayed. The next poke and he got a vein [miracle #3].

The EMT's stayed right by my side as we got to the hospital. We watched as the nurses and doctors went to work to save my daughter's life.

My beautiful daughter is now 16 years old and loving life thanks to the many hands that helped save her life. A special thanks to all that helped, especially the man in the purple shirt.

The EMTs and doctors informed me that my daughter never would have made it if she didn't receive the first shot of epi from a totally stranger in a purple shirt. There are miracles in life every day; we just need to choose to see them.

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