In Boston, Mass. Raymond MacCausland, a 72-year-old taxi driver, never expected his day to be quite like this.

Boston taxi driver returns $187,000 left in cab

When Raymond MacCausland, a 72-year-old taxi driver, dropped off a...

Posted by Laemchabang Port on Thursday, July 7, 2016

It seemed like a normal day, giving rides to the good people of Boston. But then a kind homeless man got in his cab.

Raymond gave the homeless man a ride to a motel. He was then politely asked by the homeless man to wait outside for 5 minutes as he was going inside for a quick errand.

After 30 minutes passed with no sign of the homeless man, Raymond started to worry. He decided to check on the man, but as he approached the front desk of the motel, the employees assured him they never saw a man of his description walk in.

Cab driver who returned $187,000 left behind by passenger says he's 'disappointed' by $100 reward

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Puzzled, Raymond went straight to the man's bag - which he had left in the cab - to search for identification. Little did he know he was going to find a lot more than a name and a number.

The bag was filled with cash; 187,000 dollars to be exact.

What do you do with 187,000 dollars in cash?

Raymond did what a lot of us wouldn't.

He notified the Boston police, who were then able to find the homeless man. He had recently been given this money as a recent inheritance and cashed it just before getting in the taxi. He had a receipt to verify his story to the police.

The most shocking fact from this story is that the cab driver did not think twice about finding the man and returning his money.

"That's the way I was brought up. I was told to do the right thing," Raymond told Fox news.

Police Commissioner William Evans later said, "His actions represent the high standards that our department has for our drivers."

In good Samaritan fashion, Raymond MacCausland has given us hope in humanity. There truly are good, honest, and faithful people still in this world.

So, here is the real question: what would you have done?

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