"We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations." - Charles R. Swindoll

It is true. We are often faced with obstacles that would deter us. Yet, if we could only see what is on the other side, we would leap those hurdles and lunge into a better life. Every single time we bust through a road block and find our way we grow more confident and feel more capable.

But how do we look at something that seems overwhelming and insurmountable and make it work for us?

Determine whether the opportunity is right for us

The first thing we have to do is determine whether the opportunity is the right thing to be going for. Is it a righteous desire? Will it improve our life and the lives around us? Will it help us to grow? A simple prayer offered up will yield the answers.

Understand where the road blocks are coming from

So we've determined that the goal is a righteous one. If the opportunity comes with road blocks, there are a number of sources to consider. They could be from God, from the adversary or from ourselves.

Sometimes obstacles are to test us

Sometimes we are given obstacles so that we come to the understanding of how much we want something. Maybe it's a dream career, someone we love, or a home of our own. Anything worth having is worth working for. Overcoming obstacles may be part of that work. In the process, we can give up on our dream or become more passionate and determined about them. The obstacles often teach us just how badly we want something. These can be seen as a real blessing because they help us to grow.

Sometimes they are trying and prevent us from achievement

These come from the adversary because the last thing he wants is for us to achieve our dreams or righteous desires. He may put impediments in our paths to try and make us quit. But once we have prayerfully determined their worth, we need to pray for continued tenacity and motivation. If they are worth having, they are worth fighting for.

Are we shooting ourselves in the foot?

Occasionally, we are our own worst enemy. Maybe we fear success. Maybe we worry about major changes. Perhaps we lack the confidence that we can carry our dreams to fruition. We, either consciously or subconsciously, put up detours and veer off the path to success. It happens more than we may realize. We come so close, and then go into panic mode thinking maybe we can't really pull it off. This is the time to once again hit our knees and ask for strength to overcome our own doubts.

Formulate a plan

Once we have determined the prize, that it is a good one and understand where the obstacles are coming from we have to know how to formulate a plan for successfully achieving it. We need a foreman for our project and we find him through prayer. It's time to invoke the Holy Spirit as a member of our team. We need to write down exactly what it is we want. Then put down on paper what the steps are to achieving it. We must identify our road blocks and formulate a plan on getting around, through or over them. Then we should set an actual date to achieve the prize, and prayerfully work to accomplish it.

Give thanks

Once we have made it, the time has come to give thanks to the great mediator for his assistance and supervision. We need to also thank those loved ones who have supported us in the process.

Pay it forward

Now that we are where we want to be, we need to look around us for others who are struggling with impediments, lack of confidence or self-doubt. It is time to support and encourage them. This is the best way to show gratitude.

Opportunities for growth and development are all around us. It is our duty to be the very best we can be and make the most of this mortal life we've been given. In the process, we should be constantly seeking out ways to show our gratitude for them by helping others with their dreams. But achieving one goal is not enough. Goodness is out there to be had so we just have to keep our eyes open and not let the obstacles get in our way.

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