There are nearly seven billion people living in the world. All seven billion possess certain qualities and characteristics that make them individual and unique. Just like the physical attributes that set us apart as people, we each have individual talents that are designed to help us grow into the magnificent people we are destined to become.

So why do some people struggle with recognizing their talents, or erroneously think they do not have any special gifts? One reason is that many people have a false understanding of what the word talent means. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the definition far exceeds a person's athletic, creative or artistic aptitude. Other definitions that can be used to describe a talent could include a person's characteristics, general intelligence, or natural ability.

Another reason people feel they are not talented is they compare themselves to other people. Yes, on the surface it might appear someone is more gifted than you are. However, think about the dedication and sacrifice they made to perfect their craft. When we think about a talented person, we normally do not consider the countless hours they spent in training and practice to be the best they can be.

Still trying to figure out your unique qualities and gifts? Here are some action steps to help you find them.

Action Step 1: Make a list of all the things you are interested in

Your interests are the gateway to help you uncover your hidden talents. Your list can include anything! Some suggestions might include gardening, writing, cooking, traveling, playing a musical instrument, learning another language or being the best parent.

Action Step 2: Review the list and circle the things you feel are most important

The circled items are the things you should feel passionate about doing. They should make you feel excited and happy. If they do not, you need to remove them from your list.

Action Step 3: Focus on developing the things that are most important to you

Developing your talents will take commitment, dedication and work. This is one of the reasons why you need to be passionate and excited about the interests you want to focus on. If you do not feel passionate and excited about developing your interests, you will lose the motivation to do what it takes to further develop them.

Some ways you can develop a talent could include taking a class, joining a team or club, or hiring a coach.Remember to stay focused and take the time necessary to learn and further explore your interests. Feel like you are short on time and might not be able to dedicate as many hours toward developing your talents as you would like? Then reorganize and prioritize your life by exploring the ways you spend your time. People spend countless hours surfing the internet, watching television, listening to the radio, texting and talking on the phone. By limiting these activities and you will be absolutely amazed at much time you can create.

Action Step 4: Share your gifts with others

Do not wait to perfect your talents before sharing your gifts! As you continue to develop and further refine them, look for opportunities to use your talents to bless the lives of other people. Doing this will help you magnify your gifts and will lead a more rewarding, healthier and happier life.

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