Your mind is powerful. If your mind tells you that you can't do something, you begin to back off and put in less effort. You begin to doubt yourself and have little self-confidence. Your success in life begins with what you believe about yourself. You must believe that you are special, that you are unique, that you can accomplish your goals. You must truly believe because "faking it" doesn't always mean "making it."

We need to remember that everyone has worries. Everyone experiences doubt. If you want to be successful in any area of your life - career, marriage, parenting - you need to handle any negative thoughts properly. You need a way to push all harmful and destructive thoughts aside and believe that you can be a successful parent or that you can make your marriage work.

This short video discusses why we need to look at the tasks and responsibilities in our lives as opportunities rather than obligations. When we look at tasks as opportunities, we dive into our belief system and use our confidence to become successful at that task. When was the last time you thought of folding laundry, washing dishes and disciplining children as an opportunity and not something you had to do? Being part of a family is an opportunity. It is something that we should look at as a privilege, not something we are forced to do.

Here are 10 additional ways you are ruining your own happiness.

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