When life gets difficult, it may seem easier said than done to keep an attitude of gratitude. But when we try, things may just seem a bit brighter throughout all of the chaos.

There is always something to be grateful for, though these things inevitably come as we grow older:

1. Regret for hurtful things you've said

We've all said things we shouldn't have. But the feelings of regret that come from saying these things allow us to apologize and to grow. It allows us to learn from our mistakes in order to — hopefully — be wise enough to not make the same ones in the future.

2. Wrinkles

You feel the need to cover these up, but that face you too often criticize in the mirror is the same face that has cried tears of joy and sadness, been smothered by sticky toddler kisses, and laughed a genuine, heartfelt laugh that has created memories you would never want to replace. That face is the same face that is loved by so many; a face and a smile that bring so much comfort and happiness to those you love most.

3. Birthdays

At a certain point, these bad boys can become slightly depressing. But they don't have to be. Every new year celebrating you allows you to take a good look at everything you have to be grateful for — every person you love and every experience that has shaped you for the better in the last year. So eat that cake with a grateful heart, and you'll notice how much better it tastes.

4. Your children growing up

It happens so, so fast. But with each stage come new, fun experiences. And think about it: You'll eventually get grandbabies.

5. Gray hair

Going right along with wrinkles, we often try to cover up these little stinkers as well. But once you grow tired of that, you will realize that being yourself means being comfortable in your own skin. So go ahead; rock that gray!

6. Trials and difficulties

Though at times life seems impossible to bear, our trials and difficulties shape us into who we are today. If we allow them to shape us for good, we become stronger, better people because of them.

7. Nostalgia

Longing for things in the past comes as we miss wonderful memories that have been made over the years. At times it can even feel overwhelming. But instead of longing, we can choose to be grateful for those memories. And we can let them bring us close to those we love by sharing and laughing together. And then we can create new loving, lasting memories with those we care so much about.

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