As parents who love their children, it’s natural for us to want to be the best parents we can be, and when challenges arise, we’re often a lot harder on ourselves when it comes to how we manage them. In the eyes of our children, we are superheroes, and that’s what we aim to be, but when we are met with a new challenge that leaves us scratching our heads for a solution, we may start to doubt if we are failing as parents. Take this quick assessment to examine what kind of job you’re doing as a parent.

Questions from this study were influenced by a study done by The American Family Survey

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I am worried that my child is spending too much time on screens.
I am worried about my child having a healthy social life.
I am concerned about my child’s education and how they are learning.
I am worried my child isn't getting enough physical activity.
I don’t feel like I have the resources I need to be a good parent to my child.
I am concerned about my child’s emotional well-being.
I have a daily schedule that I use to keep my children in a routine during the week.
I am struggling at creating a balance between life at home and work.
I often feel like I am failing as a parent.
My children have become a lot more disobedient and harder to parent.
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