Of course, you want to protect your child. But helicopter parents tend to do more harm than good. Are you guilty of overprotecting your child? Take our short assessment to find out.
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If my child does poorly on an exam I immediately set up an appointment with the teacher to negotiate and discuss extra credit.
On one or more occasions I’ve stayed up late to redo my child’s homework because I know they can do better.
If my child has a disagreement with a friend I call his/her friend’s mother to discuss how to resolve the conflict.
I never miss a game or important performance and always let my child know what they could have done better.
When I run into people I know and they ask about my son/daughter, I answer for them (even if my child is with me).
At least twice a day I check in with my child by tracking the location of their phone.
I require that my son/daughter texts me once they get home from school, practice and/or hanging with friends.
It is difficult for me to remember what my life was like before I was a mother because everything in my life revolves around my child.
I often find myself contemplating how dangerous the world is and what harm might come to my child.
I have no problem letting my child go out alone but then I secretly follow them.
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