By Bryan Zitzman, Ph.D., LMFT

Breaking up is hard stuff. But jumping back in too early often leads to even more pain. Healing and being ready to date again takes time. But how much time? Take this short quiz to see if you are ready to date again.

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I’m ready to be open and vulnerable again.
Ever since the break-up, I’m having trouble sleeping.
Thoughts of my ex put me in a negative mood.
I’m comfortable being single.
I feel good about the person I have become.
I recognize my contribution to the problems in my past relationship(s).
I spend time thinking about how things used to be with my ex.
I’m confident about my ability to be a good partner to someone new.
Ever since the break-up, I do things to distract myself from unpleasant thoughts and feelings (binge watch TV shows, browse social media, etc.).
I blame myself for the failure of that relationship.
I feel guilty when I think of dating someone new.
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