By Bryan Zitzman, Ph.D., LMFT

While we all want to be right, being stubborn and close minded during arguments will only cause problems in your relationship. Are you someone who fights fair? Take our short assessment to find out.
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You find yourself interrupting your partner when they try to explain their problem.
You bring up old arguments, despite if they are relevant to the current conversation
You make generalization statements. For example “You always do X” or “You never do X”.
You will bring up problems at inappropriate times, such as in public or while your spouse is at work.
You tend to let your negative emotions out after you have been drinking.
You vent about the problems you and your spouse are having on social media or with friends. You have been accused of “airing dirty laundry”.
Your goal is a resolution for the problem, rather than finding a compromise.
You strive to fix things immediately, rather than giving each party a cooling off period as needed.
You get heated in the moment, and sometimes forget to think before you speak.
You typically are right in these situations, so you don’t take the time to hear your spouse’s full point of view.
When fighting, it doesn’t feel that you two are on the same team.
You tend to raise your voice when arguing, because you get so angry in the moment.
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