Family and photo are two words that just don't go well together. It's like mixing water with oil - it doesn't work. It's one of the inexplicable laws of the universe for which mankind has no solution.

Maybe one day we'll finally find the secret formula for how to obtain the perfect family picture (it's probably hidden in the same place as all of those missing socks). But for now, enjoy these family photo fails that actually make your family look kind of normal.

1. It looks like someone is quite the potty mouth

Shaun's too tall, the girls are too short, just anthr epic #familyphotofail lol #twinning #twinsies #myteam #mines #bbyshower #RandAplus2

A photo posted by ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀B R I ? Faapouli (@brizeelicious) on

2. At least no one did bunny ears

3. When you just can't let go of the glory days

#goodmorning #familyphotofail? #orno #hahahahaha #marchingband #flashbacktuesday

A photo posted by Taylor Powell (Holland) (@mrstaylorgracie) on

4. #oops

???#oops #downwillcomebaby #slippery #instafunny #familyphotofail #fail #hilarious

A photo posted by BECKA ADAMS (@becka.adams) on

5. Family photos bring out everyone's true colors

This is the type of mess @atlienrefugee sends me during the day! Loll ?? #FamilyPhotoFAIL

A photo posted by Sharbreon (@sharbreon) on

6. The most awkward family photo award goes to...

7. When a family sketch turns out even worse than a photo

New art up in Walthamstow #starwars #awkwardfamilyphotos

A photo posted by Chris Soo (@chrissoo22) on

8. 1, 2, 3, JUMP!

#memyselfandfailure #familyphotofail

A photo posted by @memyselfandfailure on

9. The '90s were the dark ages of fashion

10. Again...

11. Sew great

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