If you are a parent of a teenager you understand the struggle. Whether you have a great relationship with your child or it could use some improvement, there are always things that are tough about raising teenagers.

Your teenager is trying to figure out who they are and where they fit into the world. As they learn more about their bodies and minds, while trying to become more independent, you are put in a tricky spot of helping shape them without them knowing about it.

Here are ten totally relatable tweets for people with teenagers.

1. Affection is out of the question

2. Talking has suddenly become very difficult

3. They think they don't need that much attention

4. They think they're helping around the house

5. They can finally be home alone, but you still worry about them

6. They are trying to be independent but still need you

7. They get angry. It can be frustrating, but also really entertaining

8. Their rooms are just a mess

9. They suddenly love to sleep

10. Yes, sadly, they're smelly

Remember, you aren't alone in the struggle of raising teenagers. They really do love you and appreciate that you are there for them. Don't give up, they'll only be teenagers for so long!

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