The babies in your life are going to thank you for your sewing skills. Okay, so maybe not the infants themselves, but certainly their parents will be grateful. From beginners to comfortable sewers, these 10 DIY's are absolutely perfect for the bundle of joy in your life. Be ready to be the best ever mom, aunt, or friend-of-people-who-just-had-a-baby.

Give 'em a leg up

Chunky baby legs might be the cutest thing in the world when swathed in printed leggings. Make about 12 pairs in a cinch using this tutorial. Break out the stripes, polka dots, plaid, and prints because you are going to want to see that baby of yours wear these in every color imaginable. Did I mention you are making these legging out of adult sized tall socks? Basically, half the sewing is done for you which means you have more time to "ooo" and "ahhh".

leggies tutorial
leggies tutorial / via Raechel Myers

One small step for Batman

You can only wear so many vintage superhero or band tee shirts in a lifetime. Pass on your beloved nerdiness to your baby with DIY onesies made out of your favorite tees. With a little cutting and stitching, your newborn could be wearing the lyrics to "I Am The Walrus" before they can even sleep through the night.

Life is a highway

Though this technically isn't wearable and isn't exactly for babies (more like toddlers), it still counts as cute. Cut up old jeans and stripe with yellow paint to make (portable) fabric roads. Toss a few pieces of road and a car or two into a bag and enjoy the silence of content children while waiting at the doctor's office. (You're welcome).

Easy Fabric Roads | Crafts for Kids | PBS Parents
Easy Fabric Roads | Crafts for Kids | PBS Parents / via Crafts for Kids

No shirt, no spills

Repurpose dad's extra shirts (or grandpa's for an extra touch of nostalgia) into the most fashionable bib you've ever seen. This tutorial is super detailed and will walk you through each step so you can whip out of batch of these in no time.

Teeny. Tiny. Toes

Goodness, if tiny things are automatically cuter, be prepared to be stunned. These socks are incredibly precious and take "60 seconds to make" according to this blogger. Turn your old socks into the most adorable way to warm up those teeny toes.

That's a wrap

...A headwrap, that is. This tutorial is for a knotted baby-sized turban, but you are probably going to want to make one for yourself.

Upcycled cutness

Let the world know she's daddy's little girl with this DIY dress. The tutorial doesn't give measurements but the dress should only take a few cuts and a stitch or two. Add a flourish with a cut out of a little bird, sailboat, or other shape to add some more personality.

Itty bitty fingers

Keep those little fingers nice and warm in the wintery weather with easy DIY baby mittens. A couple types of flannel will be sure to warm up tiny fingers in any weather and a little elastic keeps them snug. The tutorial helps you on every step, so you won't get lost.


While this tutorial isn't exactly wearable, but how cute would it be to have your baby's name spelled out with a baby blanket or favorite onesie? Once clothes get too small, making these fabric letters are the cutest keepsake imanginable.

Burrito baby

You can actually purchase tortilla printed fabricto make your baby look as close to a burrito as possible, but any color will do. A yard of jersey fabric makes two very stretchy and soft swaddle blankets for your newborn (and it couldn't be easier). This blogger shows you how.

These DIY's are cute, but the best part is most of them can be altered just a tad to make adult sized versions. Hello, matching onesies!

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