Kid President, an adorable activist who is hilarious to watch, has some words for moms to hear.

OK, not all of it is too serious in nature. But what mom doesn't need to laugh sometimes? From the wisdom of one kid, take note moms!

10 things every mom needs to know

Put down your phone. (Unless your kid is named "Phone.")

This is a no-brainer. We need to tune into our kids more and our devices (social media or other unimportant things) less.

Don't name your kid "Phone."

Really... don't name your kids stupid things. They have to live with their names and how you decided to spell them for the rest of their lives.

We love you. It's just, sometimes, we don't know how to say it

As Kid President reminds us, "Sometimes it just comes out screaming or crying." Kids seem to behave the worst with the ones they love the most because they know you will still love them. Take it as a compliment.

Stop cleaning

We all think everyone else's houses are clean, but they probably look just like ours. In the end, cleaning won't matter. But spending time with your kids will. For more, read "Dear moms with messy houses."

Mom upside down is "WOW."

Well, that says it all.

Mom, we love you, but let's cool it on the meatloaf

Make sure you cook a variety of foods. The same thing gets boring and kids need to try new foods. Let your kids pick out the menu and help cook once in a while.

Thank you for cleaning up all the poop're welcome. "Dirty Jobs," anyone?

Have fun for once!

Sing, dance and play games. Your kids will love it - and so will you!

Hug more. Shout less

Sometimes, giving more love is what kids need in order to diffuse bad behaviors. It works better than yelling.

The secret to changing the world? Moms

Moms really have the greatest influence - not only on their own families but ultimately on the world. Moms teach rising generations about life, love, happiness, kindness and good vs. evil. Moms change the world by changing their homes first.

Take those messages to heart and read these reasons why you really are "Mother of the Year."

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