Becoming a mom is a momentous occasion. But let's face it, being a mom has some "side effects" we all notice. If you are a mom, or are planning on becoming one, be weary of these 10 super annoying things moms do:

1. Moms judge women who don't have kids

Maybe not outright, maybe not very obviously, but there seems to be some secret judging in the minds of many moms when it comes to their childless friends. It could be jealousy or even a little pride, but a mother has a different relationship with her childless friends when her own baby is born. A level of understanding and empathy is altered when you make the leap into motherhood.

2. Moms insist others have children, too

Moms - especially new moms and empty-nesters - have a tendency to not so subtly suggest you have children, too. Presumably so you can share her joys...and some sleepless nights. It's natural to want to share what you have, but this particular question can be intrusive. Childbirth and parenting are huge undertaking, and not be entered into lightly; or unduly influenced.

3. Moms can't focus

Mothers of young ones are easily distracted and forgetful (but for a good reason). She'll call you, scold her kids, hang up, and call you back, but forget what she was talking about. The only way you can keep a mom's attention for a full conversation is to get her in person and get her alone. We understand that it's hard to focus when the three year old could run off with the scissors at any moment, but it's frustrating when I'm trying to talk to you.

4. Moms are always late

Or just break plans altogether. As a mother, kids come first. Kids also take forever to get all ready to go. Even with a babysitter, things can still be cancelled. Mommy emergencies can make getting together impossible-good thing her kids are darling.

5. Moms talk to adults like children

We understand a mom has taken on a protective and disciplinary role, but she may need to be reminded when it's time to clock out from the job and just be a woman, a friend, or a wife.

6. Moms give unsolicited advice

...especially about parenting. Doing something 24 hours a day, 7 days a week can convince anyone they're an expert. But unless someone comes to you in need of guidance, try to gauge whether others want to hear your pearls of wisdom. We may not need your unsolicited advice.

7. Moms may need some reminding

A mother can easily lose her identity in motherhood and forget who she was before she was a mom. Through the sleepless nights, midnight feedings, diaper duty, and sporadic showers and meals, a mom may not remember what she liked, what she valued, or what was important or interesting to her before the bundles of joy arrived.

8. Moms lose perspective in parenting

A mother's world can become quite small. She may talk nonstop about every little thing her child says and does because that's her world now. Her world revolves around her child, so she assumes the rest of the world has to revolve around her and her child as well. A mother will advocate aggressively for her rights as a mother and the rights of her child without always considering the perspective of others in the situation.

9. Moms assume other people want to be around her kids

Sometimes a mom thinks anywhere she wants to go, her children should be welcome as well. Very young and ill-behaved children do not belong in expensive and posh establishments; like fancy restaurants, galas and art museums. Nor should young children accompany parents to bars, clubs, wine tastings or pub crawls. Even without a posted sign, some things are "adult only."

10. Moms can't be spontaneous

A mom has to ask permission, arrange sitting and organize several schedules before she can commit to anything. Plans need to be made weeks in advance, and can still be up in the air minutes before she's due somewhere.

Motherhood is an arduous task and needs to be sympathized with. If you understand where a mother is coming from, these annoying habits can be taken with a grain of salt and forgiven. Just ask for the same thing in return when you do annoying things as someone without kids.

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