Some people never want to have kids while some people want kids their whole life. Some people have kids without really even planning for them, and some never have them even if they want children.

There are so many different things that factor into becoming a parent, but one thing's for sure; becoming a parent is a crazy experience you can never fully prepare yourself for.

Even though parenting can be a rollercoaster, some people aren't quite sure they are ready for that wild ride until they have kids of their own. We've compiled a list of 12 people who shared the exact moment they decided they were ready to be a parent, and the responses will melt your heart.

1. "I would have walked through fire"

"I knew that I wanted kids the day that a happy couple with a little boy riding on dad's shoulders walked by. I looked over at my wife and she had a sad look but did not say anything. I had been on the fence about kids, but at that moment I would have walked through fire to have that same experience with her."

2. You never fully appreciate what you have until it's gone

"I sorta kinda wanted kids for most of my life but wasn't really bothered by it. Then we found out my wife was pregnant (unplanned), then she had a miscarriage all within a week. It was devastating, but that's when I realized I wanted kids!"

3. Sometimes you don't know until after it happens

"I realized I wanted children the first time my daughter got excited and recognized me when I got home from work. She was about three months old or so if I recall."

4. All it took was a best friend

"I knew I wanted one as soon as I held my best friend's daughter. That dream was solidified when I held my nephew for the first time."

5. Knew it all along

"I've known I wanted kids since I was one. I literally can't remember not knowing I wanted kids one day."

6. You don't have to give birth to be a mom

"I've always wanted kids, but I wasn't 100% [sure] until I started to get older and ... now that I'm officially 25. I want to adopt children that are siblings and a bit older so that I can help guide them in life, support them, and provide to them what my parents have provided for me and help them during difficult times, but also be there for the fun times."

7. It all depends on the partner

"For my whole life, I felt like I could go either way. It wasn't until I met my guy that I realized having the right partner made all the difference. I know he'd be a great and involved dad, so I actually believe I could do parenting with him. And if there's any way I can help create another person that's anything like him, I'll jump at the opportunity."

8. Parenthood is an adventure

"I didn't think I wanted children when I was a teenager/young adult, and I was vocal about it...Then, I don't know, maybe it's because I was having so much fun with life, so much traveling and exploring, that I cultivated a taste for adventure and the unknown. I saw parenthood as an adventure and wanted to participate...I don't think it had to do with 'finding the one' or our biological clock. It was just something I wanted to embark on."

9. Sometimes it just hits you

"I went through life never wanting a husband or kids. When I was about 23, I had a [boyfriend] and things were kind of serious. Still, we were in college and clearly not ready to start a family. One day when grocery shopping I came across the baby section. BAM! Just like that. I wanted kids."

10. He needed another person

"[I knew] when my wife didn't want to go outside and throw the ball with me or help in the garage. I now have two boys. Yay!"

11. You can never really know until it happens

"I didn't know [if I wanted kids]. But after an unplanned pregnancy I now have a 10 month old and I'm glad I have him more and more every day. The thing I never grasped about kids is how much fun they are."

12. You'll do anything for love

"My spouse wanted them, and I wanted my spouse to be happy. I was never opposed to having kids, I just thought I would've adopted. But I procreated for love's sake and became hooked after #1."

When did you decide you wanted to have kids? Share your stories with us in the comments!

The full responses were posted on Reddit here, here and here.

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