Could you unknowingly be a bad wife? Marriage has its challenges, and it's important to make a conscious effort to show your spouse kindness and support. But even if you love him dearly, you could be doing these 14 things that make your husband feel hurt and unloved.

1. Forgetting to say "I love you"

This common phrase might seem cliché sometimes, but your husband needs to hear it often. They might be simple words, but they can have a huge impact.

2. Expecting him to be Ryan Gosling

Growing up, we read and watch romances, fantasizing about our own future charming and ridiculously good-looking husband. But then we get married in real life and it's nothing like a Nicholas Sparks novel. They're fun to watch and read, but don't let them set up unrealistic expectations, because marriage is raw and real.

3. Putting other things before him

If you're prioritizing your career, friends or hobbies over him, you're not treating your husband right. Of course, life can get hectic, but every couple should set aside together-time and not let anything come between them.

4. Diminishing his dreams

The best wife will support her husband when he tells her about his goals and dreams. The worst wife will be unenthusiastic or suggest other things to pursue. No matter your man's goals, be there to support him.

5. Letting him suffer alone

When your sweetheart is going through a tough time, be by his side. Never leave him to suffer by himself. No one in a marriage should suffer in silence; you should be able to lean on your companion in hard times and good times.

6. Criticizing him

As his wife, you should be his supporter, not his critic. No one wants negative things about them constantly pointed out.

7. Never complimenting him

Love thrives on words of endearment and affirmation. Tell him you're proud of him, he looks great today or he's a great husband. Give him compliments frequently and watch him beam.

8. Lying to him

Little white lies seem harmless in the moment, but lies of all sizes are toxic to a marriage. How can he trust you when you're dishonest, even about small things?Strive to have 100% trust in your relationship.

9. Talking about him behind his back

It's great if you're telling your friend about the wonderful thing your husband did the other day. But if you're talking negatively about him or complaining to someone else, you're not showing him any devotion.

10. Making him ask you for permission

This is especially important to remember if you tend to be the more dominant partner. Neither spouse should have to ask each other permission to do things (important decisions that should be made together is a different matter, of course). You're partners, but you're also still individuals who should be able to feel independent.

11. Paying more attention to your phone than to him

Social media and other apps can be fun, but you should put your phone down as often as you can whenever you're together.

12. Complaining constantly

Of course you should be able to vent to your spouse every once and a while, but constantly complaining is a different story. It'll make him feel down, even if the thing you're complaining about has nothing to do with him. You both deserve more positivity in the life you share.

13. Expecting him to read your mind

He's no mind-reader, so kindly communicate with him instead of expecting him to realize he needs to do something.

14. Nagging him

Nagging might just be the number one complaint from husbands about their wives. It doesn't make him feel loved. There's always a kinder, more loving way to phrase things.

Marriage can be challenging, but if you steer clear of these 14 things, you might end up being the best wife in the world to him.

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