Pregnant women are constantly receiving remarks about this new and exciting chapter in her life. Some are positive and encouraging. Others are unflattering and hurtful.

Most people aren't intentionally mean, insensitive or inappropriate but comments can easily come across the wrong way to a woman carrying a child. She can't jump off the hormonal rollercoaster until after the baby is born so don't be insensitive!

Here are 12 things pregnant women do not want to hear about their pregnancy:

It's not physically possible to swallow a watermelon, so don't even joke about it. Compliment her and tell her she looks beautiful from the motherly glow she has.

She already knows. Don't rub it in! Let her enjoy the sleep she has left, not dread the sleep she is about to miss out on.

Not every person who looks "big" is going to have twins. Instead, ask and offer help if she needs it.

It isn't any of your business if she is going to stay home with her baby or return to work. Every parenting style is different - one is not right and the other wrong.

Having a baby is an exciting time. Derogatory comments about how life is over after having a kid do not settle well with happy mothers. Instead, ask what exciting things they are planning after baby comes.

That's personal...

Maybe they are just excited to have a baby, and the gender doesn't matter. If they were hoping for a specific gender and but are expecting another, there might be a little tension to be worked out.

That's more than a little personal and it's the mother's choice. Not all women can breastfeed or have their own reasons for not wanting to.

Telling a pregnant woman what they shouldn't do or eat is not your responsibility.

This makes the expecting mother feel huge and frustrated. Some people carry babies differently and look bigger early on. Hearing you are "ready to pop" at six months is discouraging.

Chances are, she doesn't want to hear that you didn't have morning sickness or had an easy delivery. She has heard a lot of other women's stories and is trying to focus on her own pregnancy. Sharing your own experience is welcome if she asks.

Going in for the Buddha belly rub is intrusive. If she wants you to feel the baby kick, she will offer.

Uplift her during this stressful time by finding a unique way to help her or compliment her. She will appreciate your positive words after hearing many negative remarks. Let her know she's loved and will be an amazing mother.

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