I remember the day my husband found out he was going to be a father.

I had been feeling sick all week, and I knew something must be up.

After being up all night and basically sleeping on the bathroom floor, I finally took a pregnancy test, and of course it was positive.

I ran into the room, shook my husband, and exclaimed, "You're going to be a daddy!"

First, I've never seen his eyes get so big. I guess he was trying to comprehend what was happening.

Then, I saw the most adorable and memorable look come across his face, one made up of utter joy and pride. We gave each other a big hug and kiss, and the rest is history.

Sometimes as women we don't understand the remarkable and necessary changes that occur when your man becomes a daddy. Here are 14 of them, and I'm sure they will help you comprehend even more why you want him to be the father of your children.

1. His brain will literally change

There have been many studies that show how a man's brain literally goes through changes when he becomes a father. There was a study done by the National Academy of sciences that showed a father's brain showed the same kind of activation and emotional triggers that a mother's brain had when they heard or watched their child play.

2. He also has hormonal changes

Thought you were the only one dealing with hormones? Think again! Although the hormonal changes that occur to your man will be less drastic and possibly less noticeable than the ones you have to go through, they still occur.

Studies in animals and people show that new fathers experience an increase in the hormones estrogen, oxytocin, prolactin and glucocorticoids, according to a recent review of studies by psychologist Elizabeth Gould and colleagues from Princeton University.

3. More sensitive

Now I don't necessarily mean more sensitive as in emotional sensitivity, although that can also happen. The type of sensitivity I'm referring to is that your man will become aware of your child just as much as you, like being able to identify their cry amongst other babies' cries or the sound of their voice when they get older.

4. More confidence

Your man is going to be proud of being a dad. He now not only has a gorgeous and wonderful wife, but an adorable baby to boot. Don't be surprised if your man seems more confident in his man status. It is a very good thing!

5. Understanding priorities

Now that your man is not only responsible for one person but two, he will begin to understand what his most important priorities are. This could mean spending less time with his friends or at the gym and more time at home helping you with the baby.

6. Always wanting to help

The frustrating thing for the first time dad, especially when the baby is first born, is that there isn't a whole lot he can do other than give emotional support. The baby relies heavily on you, and he will quickly realize that. But the good news is that this will make him super eager to help when he can, and when he finally is able to help, it will make him very happy.

7. Wanting to be friends with other dads

Being new to the daddy game, he will want to turn to other fellow dad's for help and advice. Don't be surprised if you find your husband gravitating more towards his friends who have kids, just like you it is nice to have people around who are in the same special time of life that he is in.

8. A new identity

Now your man is not only a husband, but he is a father. He takes on a new identity; dad. He is forever going to be someone's dad and it is going to change the way he sees himself in a very positive way.

9. Being happy in a different way

Along with your man's new identity comes a new sense of happiness, one that centers around his new little family. Some of the things that make him happy will not change, like sports, watching funny movies, and hanging out with friends. But now little things like your baby smiling at him, or saying "dada" for the first time, will bring a different type of happiness to his life.

10. Bringing home the bacon

Being a new dad means new responsibilities. It also means covering expenses for your precious little one. When a man becomes a dad he feels that responsibility of these things, and wants to be able to provide to the best of his ability. Becoming a dad will give him extra motivation to work hard and give you and your baby a comfortable life.

11. More patience

The great thing about having a husband by your side is in the moments when you feel so tired and so overwhelmed; you will have him to turn to. You will find that no matter how patient or impatient your man was before baby that after baby he has a new level of patience with both you and the baby that is greatly appreciated.

12. Feeling lots of feels

Holding your baby for the first time will not only be a very emotional experience for you, but for your man. He hasn't carried that baby for 9 or so months, and so for him this will be the first time he physically gets to hold and see your new bundle of joy. Your man might start to feel all the feels, and shed a tear or two.

13. Knowing what tired really is

Both of you will learn pretty quickly that a new baby means no, or very little, sleep. However, he will also see that the one who is going to be the most sleep deprived is you. He will appreciate all you do for your new baby, and want to give you some shut-eye whenever the opportunity presents itself.

14. Loving you in a whole new way

You just pushed out his child, which you have been carrying for 9 months. He has a newfound respect for you, and also a new kind of love. You are the mother of his child, and he loves you dearly. When he looks into your eyes you will know how proud he is of both of you, and you will love each other more than you ever have before.

Things that change when your man becomes a daddy

Don't worry - these are good changes!

Posted by I Love My Family (FamilyShare.com) on Thursday, June 16, 2016

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