Do you ever see those happy moms and wonder how they do it? I'm not talking about the fake happy, but the genuinely happy women who make you feel good when you're around them, and whose children seem happy too.

Unfortunately, there is no recipe for a happy mom, but there are certain things happy moms do that keep them happy.

Here is a list of 14 things I do that keep me a happy mom:

1. Happy moms read

Some of the sweetest experiences I have had as a mother is reading books to my children. It truly is a blissful experience watching my children curl up in my lap and giggle at the characters that prance upon the pages of delightful children's books. It would make any heart happy to hear the innocent giggle of a child.

2. Happy moms write

I love reading through my old journals and remembering the little things my children said or did that made being a mother a joyful experience. Of course, there are many difficult experiences in there as well, but writing them down helps me realize how much I've grown, and that makes me happy. I have also enjoyed writing letters to my children. I love seeing them read the letters over and over again as time goes by. It makes me feel appreciated and loved.

3. Happy moms pray

Let's face it; I could not get through a day without prayer. I love knowing God is in charge, because that means I don't have to be.

Happy moms trust in God to get them through hard things, rather than relying on their own wisdom. It's such a happy thing when we let God raise his children the way he wants to. As earthly parents, we are here to be directed by God so we can help facilitate our kid's learning and remind our children to look up.

4. Happy moms laugh

It has taken me a lifetime to learn that life does not have to be so serious. Laughter is not only important for our own sanity, but it is essential for the sanity of our children. Laughter is some of the best medicine and with it, happiness is not far away.

5. Happy moms say "I'm sorry"

As mothers, we have to be able to admit when we are wrong. Not only is it a healthy habit to get into, but it shows our children that making mistakes is a valuable part of our learning and growth, even as parents. It also teaches our children to take responsibility for their own mistakes.

6. Happy moms give choices

Children love to feel like they are valuable and that their voice is being heard. When we give our children choices, not only are we allowing them to express themselves, but we are allowing them the opportunity to be responsible for their choices. Even if the choice is between two different outfits that we choose for them, allowing them to choose one or the other is still giving them a choice, and makes them feel valued.

7. Happy moms make consequences

I have found that children are better behaved when there are rules and when broken rules have consequences. Rather than letting children run amuck, it is important to have consequences when bad behavior is being displayed. This way, children can learn, in a controlled environment, how to properly behave. Childhood is a training ground for adulthood.

8. Happy moms forgive

There are going to be days when your husband or children do something that seems unforgivable. Forgive them anyway. Your life will be much happier if you can let things roll off your back like water off a ducktail. Just flick it off and keep moving forward. Most offenses aren't intentional. Give them the benefit of the doubt and forgive.

9. Happy moms serve

Service brings joy to both the giver and the receiver. As a mother, I find great happiness in serving my family because I love them. I also enjoy seeing their faces as they are being served. Service is an expression of love that goes both ways and a beautiful way to bring happiness into your life and the lives of your family.

10. Happy moms let things go

I have learned through years of hanging onto things, that letting go of expectations is very freeing. Rather than getting disappointed because people aren't living up to my expectations of who they ought to be, I am free to focus on life's treasures. Having the ability to simply be me and to allow others the same privilege, adds simplicity to life that brings true happiness.

11. Happy moms play

Those times that I am free to play with my children are some of the sweetest moments life has to offer. There is no greater happiness than spending meaningful time with family.

12. Happy moms work

I'm not talking about working outside of the home and sending your kids to daycare, I am talking about working hard within the home to keep things in order. I have never kept a perfect house, who can with five kids, but keeping a tidy house is essential to my happiness and the happiness of my family.

13. Happy moms have date night

Whether it's girl's night out, or a date with my husband, getting out once a week makes me a happy mom. In order to be a happy mom to your children, it is essential that you are a happy you.

14. Happy moms love

Love makes the world go round. When you love what you do and love who you serve, your world will be filled to the brim with happiness. Happy moms keep love at the center of all they do because when your heart is filled with love, everything else falls into place.

Happy moms raise happy children and happy children make for a happy life. It's a cycle that just keeps on spreading goodness.

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