Halloween is closing in fast and you have no idea what you're going to do for your costume! No worries. We've got you covered. You can make some of these costumes in just a few minutes, while others might take a little more time and resources. We tried to keep them as practical as possible because not everyone is a Halloween makeup prodigy or has hundreds of dollars to drop on Amazon.

Take a look, dress up and have a great holiday:

1. One trip to Goodwill later


3. Weiner dog optional

Happy Halloween from our little fam to yours! ?❤️? xoxo, Michael, Ashley & Gracie

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4. This is too clever- great for couples and families

5. Major pun points

6. This is definitely different

7. For long distance couples

8. Go to your Halloween party as AN ECLIPSE

9. Just need to print out some fake badges

Agent Moulder and Scully #xflies #agentmoulder #agentscully #doyoubelieve #aliens #fbiagent #halloweencostume #halloweencouples

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10. Get it? They're a chef salad

Can you guess what our costume is?? ??

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11. Classic

Al and Al ---> Salt and Pepper.?? @al3x6568 #halloween #alandal #easycostume #greatcostume

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12. One for the whole fam

Halloween themed baby shower ????? #gumballmachinecostume #diycostumes #halloweendiy #familycostumes

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13. Too cute

PARTNERS IN CRIME! Here's a Halloween DIY for your last minute costume emergencies. DOUBLE TAP and get creative!

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14. You may need to buy some Skittles for this costume... what a sacrifice

Taste the Rainbow! ? #halloweencostume #couplecostume #handmade #candy #skittles #tastetherainbow #cute #iloveus

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15. It may be a little tacky, but that's sorta the point

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