Parenting is not an easy job and comes with many ups and downs.

But these dads? They're doing a pretty darn good job.

1. This dad dressed up for his toddlers

2. This sweetest dad caring for his son in a tender way

3. Thanks to dad, bath time is a breeze

4. This dad made two robots pretty happy

#fatheroftheyearaward? Jas & his buddy Liam, my 2 favorite robots!!

A photo posted by Kevin Martin (@iamkevinmartin) on

5. Any dad who paints his daughter's nails is doing it right

6. This dad put his son's need before his own


A photo posted by heavy weight (@britzstone) on

7. This dad's kid knows they're important to him (but please don't spread germs!)

Sick as a dog and just as stubborn #gooddad #butpleasedontkissme

A photo posted by chanipan (@chanipan) on

8. All. The. Crying. This dad makes lunch with his son a priority

9. Sometimes the best thing you can do is stop and play

10. This dad who wears a cape

#fatherdaughter #fatherson #parenting #fatherhood #motherhood #gooddad #dadsareimportant

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11. This dad bonding with and feeding his newborn

12. Daddy daughter dancing is always a win

Teaching time signature by dancing #gooddad #musictheory

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13. If you can't beat 'em, might as well join 'em and start playing!

14. This dad will always be their favorite horse

My heart is happy; missed this guy. #gooddad #positivevibes #letthembelittle

A photo posted by Lindsey Kraken (Huemann) (@adora.beast) on

15. Make naptime happen (for you and your baby)

Asleep at last? but who fell asleep first? #fathersontime #gooddad @beaugriffiths

A photo posted by Jennifer Griffiths (@grandmagriff) on

16. This dad teaches his daughter what love really is

Yes. #arealfather #gooddad #dadgoals #goals

A photo posted by "Her Love Is Foreign" (@shesaprincess) on

No matter how you parent, be a dad whose kids know they're loved. That's the most important part. Give your time, your interest, your attention and most importantly, your love to your children.

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