Time for a family photoshoot? Maybe want a head's start on Christmas cards? To help you have the perfect (and most creative!) photoshoot, here are 16 incredibly unique ideas.

Get messy

Many kids hate family pictures because they have to wear nice clothes and can't get them dirty. But try letting them loose instead! Highlight their personalities and let them get messy like they normally would outside. The result? Honest and real pictures.

Have a blast from the past

This is a perfect idea for families with older children! Find an old family photo you love (or better yet, one you don't) and recreate it trying to imitate the same poses and facial expressions you had in the earlier photo. The end products are hilarious!

Mix up classy with casual

Denim and chiffon? Why not? Dress up and dress down for a look that still feels casual even for your kids, but with an extra flair of class. This works well in outdoor photoshoots as well!

So excited to get to meet and capture their new baby sister today!

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Be funny

Is humor the core of your family? Be real and show that in your family pictures? Do something that makes you laugh. Let your uniqueness shine in these photos!

Do what you love

Again, if you want your photos to show what it's really like to be in your family, then do what you normally do in the shoot! Do you put on a puppet show every Friday? Do you bake cookies every Christmas? Does your husband dance with your daughter when he gets home? Show it! Picture those moments that make you glad to be in the family you have.

Bring bubbles and balloons

Props can sometimes be that extra element your photoshoot needs. With younger kids, especially, bubbles and/or balloons are simple, cheap props that give your pictures a touch of magic. They also give you the chance to capture candid moments of your children you might have missed otherwise!

Wear cute outfits (especially when the weather is bad!)

Dressing up children for family pictures is quite an ordeal. But you can never go wrong with rain boots. Spruce up your pictures even more with boots for the whole family, or matching raingear your kids will actually want to wear. If the weather doesn't cooperate, you can still have a great photoshoot!

Wrestle it out

What kids doesn't love to wrestle? Especially when it involves the whole family? This will provide for a candid photoshoot and a memory your kids will love, just beware of grass stains.

Stay home!

Instead of dragging your family to some distant location for a photoshoot, why not do one right in your own home? When you're looking back at your pictures, you'll remember all the moments and memories you've had in the house you made a home.

Having fun in our kitchen bubble party! #photographchicago2015 #bestjobever @jenny.grimm

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Step into your backyard

If you still want outdoor light in your pictures, but still don't want to venture far, just walk outside your house. Again, you get documentation of where most of your memories happen, and your kids will feel more comfortable in their own environment, even with a photographer there.

Painting with water and light. #guimmersed

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Spell it out

Have your kids help each other by painting letters on their siblings' feet (be sure to let it dry!). This is a great idea if you're giving these photos away as a gift, to write a special message to grandma or grandpa, or it is also a fun idea for holiday photoshoots.

Snuggle up

Does your family like to cuddle when you're watching a movie or reading a book on a rainy day? Have a snuggling photoshoot! Show people just how close your family is and what brings you closer together.

Step it up

Urban landscapes can make great backdrops for family photos, dress to fit the part! Dress like you're going out for a night on the town. Also, include stairs. This sounds like a weird tip, but stairs create a pleasing composition for your photos, giving your photoshoot an artsy feel!

Bring toys

Another way to let your child's personality show is by letting them bring their favorite toy to the photoshoot. Many photographers will keep toys on hand for crying children, but why not bring a toy they already love that will calm them down? A cute approach is to include their favorite stuffed animal in the picture!

Go crazy

If your family is one that bonds over crazy activities, why not do one for family pictures? Have a pillow or paint fight, something that shows your family's crazy side. Plus, you'll make a fun memory while also getting family pictures done!

Reflect on it

Something creative to do is to picture your family from a different perspective. When photos aren't looking the way you had in mind, it can help to look at it from another angle. Shots of your family's reflection provides a cool effect, and it may give the picture you were hoping for all along!

Have fun with your family photos and make memories out of them! Let Western Chief help you make some of those memories with the cutest styles of rain boots and outdoor footwear for everyone in the family. Stop worrying about the weather stopping your family from having a good time, whether you're taking photos or not. Picture and enjoy those moments that matter most!

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