Many women dream of it, look forward to it, and some even enjoy it. But, nothing can quite prepare you for many of the #pregnancyproblems we experience while pregnant.

Sure, we know there's weight gain and the fact that you're ultimately going to end up with a baby, but what about the rest?

1. Do my ankles really exist? I can't remember

2. Really, this happens whether you're pregnant or a mom of a toddler...

3. The baby made me eat it!

4. Don't mind me while I towel off myself and the beach ball

5. Does this shirt come in size "tent"?

6. Nope, that was my ex-boyfriend. Sorry, crazy girl with that name

7. You know it's gotten bad when brushing your teeth is difficult

8. That moment when your stretchy pants are no longer stretchy enough

#pregnancyproblems ???

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9. Prangry: who's been there?

#starving #hangry #pregmonal #hormaonal #baby #pregnancyproblems

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10. Just when you think you're fully potty trained

11. Yet, you can't sleep..

WHY AM I SO EXTREMELY TIRED!! Oh yeah lol #pregnancyproblems. 🙂 16 weeks today

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12. ...because you always have to pee..

13. ...because babies use your bladder for a pillow

14. Being sick while pregnant is really the worst

#seriouslythough #pregnancyproblems

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15. Please stop saying how fast it goes by

?? but seriously ?? #6WeeksToGo #ButWhosCounting #UhhMe?? #PregnancyProblems #TheStruggle

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If you're pregnant, congrats! This is one time it's super OK to pamper yourself and eat whatever that baby tells you to. And it also makes a great excuse-"Sorry, I can't. I'm pregnant."

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