I'm sure these clothes have some sort of artistic value to someone. I am not that person. I'm guessing you aren't either. Prepare yourself. Here they are:

1. I'm so scared of whatever this is

2. What are those?!

3. There's something seriously wrong with this

4. I feel like this started out as a doodle

5. Edna Scissorface

6. This guy came right out of a Star Wars movie

7. That can't be good for your back

8. What is happening here?


weirdpictures / via Weird Photos

9. Flashy enough?

10. The sweater is OK

11. I think they got the sizes wrong on these

12. Seeing is overrated anyways

13. Just because you can doesn't mean you should

14. Straight from "The Hunger Games"

15. Bird sold separately

16. It better have pockets inside

17. Somebody needs some attention

18. I hope she can see through those glasses

19. When you face plant into a pallet

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