Never underestimate the little things-namely, the awful little things that make you die a tiny bit inside.

1. When you're belting along to a song on the radio but someone changes the station while you're mid-note

2. When you go for a high five and your friend goes for a fist bump

3. When you spend all afternoon planning to eat last night's leftovers for dinner only to find that someone else has eaten them already

4. When you forget to save a link someone shared on Facebook ... and then the news feed refreshes before you can click on it

5. When you wake up 4 minutes before your alarm goes off

6. When you've just picked up your shirt from the dry cleaners and you spill something on it

7. When you're pulling dinner out of the oven and you drop the pan

8. When you turn a page in a book only to rip it straight down the middle

9. When you sit down with popcorn to watch a movie on Netflix but too many people are using the account at one time

10. When you make it all the way to the checkout line in the grocery store before realizing you've left your wallet at home

11. When you finally get something in the mail but it turns out to be an appointment reminder from your dentist

12. When you step into a puddle of water while you're wearing socks

13. When you stand up and get your pants' pocket stuck on the arm of a chair

14. When it starts to rain right after you get back from the car wash

15. When you spot a typo in your email the second after pressing send

16. When the water goes from hot to glacially cold in your shower

17. When you forget to silence your phone before an important meeting and someone decides to give you a call

18. When you take a big swig of soda only to discover it's gone flat

19. When it's payday ... but then you pay your outstanding bills and have $13.67 left over

20. When you pull the ice tray out of the freezer and find that whoever used it last never refilled it

21. When you drop your phone and can't do anything but watch as the screen shatters

22. When you call your friend's name from across a room, multiple times, and everyone hears you but that friend

23. When you are walking down a staircase and think that you've reached the bottom but you actually have one more step

Yeah, it's the little things that kill you bit by bit.

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