When it comes to parenting, the struggle is real.

Here is a collection of some hilarious parenting tweets that any mom or dad would appreciate:

1. If all else fails, use your tongue:

2. I can think of a few other clothing items that are overrated as well:

3. The endless battle:

4. Yes, yes it is:

5. At least his face is clean:

6. Could be worse:

7. I'm sorry. I can't fix that:

8. Hanger is real:

9. Work it, girl:

10. Easiest way to scare a parent:

11. Smart kid:

12. Laundry never goes away:

13. Hide it, or it's gone:

14. Bless you, Netflix, bless you:

15. Bedtime struggles:

16. You gotta do what you gotta do:

17. Both cries pretty much sound the same:

18. Why not Elsa?

19. Mom win:

20. Yep, that covers it:

21. Literally, the worst thing:

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