Replacing your favorite shirt is such a pain. Not only because you have to go to the store and find a new favorite shirt, but because you don't even know how the first one shrunk, ripped or got a stain on it.

Don't buy a whole new wardrobe when your zipper doesn't work, sweater has a run and you have too many bleach stains to count. Use these clever clothing hacks instead to make your clothes come back to life!

1. De-pill your clothing using a razor

Afterwards, use tape to pickup any leftovers.

Afterwards, use tape to pick up and leftovers.

2. Use a hair straightener as an iron for your collar

Gently pull and there you have it! A 10-second hack to eliminate wrinkles.

3. Use a sharpie to cover bleach stains

And ... presto! No stain in sight!

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4. Fix a stuck zipper with a pencil

Just run the pencil up and down the zipper and watch it zip right up! Tutorial here.

5. Use shaving foam to remove makeup stains

Smother the stain with the foam and then wash it.

6. Widen your shoes by filling them with water

Put water in a Ziploc bag, stick them in the shoes and then place both shoes in the freezer overnight. This will help expand the shoes so they fit perfectly.

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7. Wear your leather jacket in the rain to get that distressed look

This is hip and totally in right now.

8. Know your jeans will fit before trying them on

If the waistline of the pants can fit around your neck, it will fit around your waist.

9. Lemon juice will remove armpit stain and odors

Rub the inside of a lemon on the armpit of your clothing. Then spray with water and wipe off. The odor and stain will evaporate.

10. Vinegar removes leather stains

Stained your leather boots? Rub a mixture of cold water and vinegar on it and watch that stain come right out!

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11. Clear nail polish will stop the run in your tights from enlarging

As long as it is clear polish, you are good to go!

12. Dishwashing liquid will remove oil stains

It's gentle on your clothing and gets that stubborn oil grease right out!

13. Use adhesive moleskin to tame the underwire on your bra

This works wonders!

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14. Polish your shoes with moisturizer when you are on the go

It is great when you are in a rush.

15. Cover your sneakers in baking soda to remove the terrible odor

The baking soda will soak up the sweat left in your shoe. Rinse it off afterwards and you are ready for your next big game.

16. Putting clear nail polish on a button will stop it from falling off

This is only a limited fix, but if you are in a rush it can be a true day saver.

17. Use clear nail polish to tighten your sunglasses

Until you can find a tiny screwdriver to tighten it up, apply clear nail polish.

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18. Lipstick stains can be removed with hairspray

Put hairspray on your clothes that have lipstick on them before putting them into the washing machine.

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19. Don't want to wash your pants, but they have a bad smell?

Stick them in the freezer to kill off bacteria, but keep the denim color alive.

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20. Wait five minutes before putting clothes on you've already ironed

You don't want to instantly create new wrinkles!

21. Spray hairspray on your tights to avoid them even making a run

It works. It really does!

22. Use a bobby pin to fix sweater strings that stick out

Just put the string in the bobby pin and pull back into the sweater so that the excess string is on the inside of your sweater instead.

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These hacks will literally save you hours of labor, as well as lots of money. Got any hacks to share with us?

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