The key to beautifying tight spaces and making them look more spacious lies in smart, minimalistic designs and decor. Of course, this can be rather overwhelming for homeowners looking to transform a small apartment. If the sea of ideas you've found on the internet have put your head in a tizzy, check out these 22 simple tricks to give your tiny apartment a long overdue makeover!

1. Lighten up the room

Whether it's your flooring, walls, upholstery or choice of lighting, the lighter the room is, the more airy and spacious it will look. Adding large, light colored rugs to the floor and choosing white lights and wall lamps will brighten up the space if you're not in a position to paint.

2. Transparent furniture

Glass tables, cabinets with glass doors, etc. will make your living space appear less cramped.

3. Large mirrors

By placing a large mirror in a small room (preferably near a natural light source) the room will instantly appear bigger and brighter. You can add to the aesthetic appeal of the room by purchasing a mirror with a decorative border.

4. Double-duty furniture

Every tiny apartment needs double duty furniture to free up space and create more storage. Seats that double as storage units or a Captain's Bed with built-in draws in the bed frame help make your home more comfortable and practical.

5. Folding screens

Small apartments generally have a dining space or the kitchen attached to the living room; in these cases, the lack of privacy cannot be ignored. A folding screen can solve this problem and add character to the room, too.

6. Built-in wall storage

If you don't have built-in wall storage, it's something you should definitely consider. Not only does it help keep things off the floor and eliminate clutter, but it also gives your home more dimension.

7. Curtains around the bed

Many small apartment dwellers hang curtains around their bed for more privacy and an added sense of tranquility when bedtime rolls around. Bed curtains are a great way to give your interiors a more luxurious feel, too.

8. Ceiling border

Tiny apartments generally have low ceilings which make your living space look more cramped up than it actually is. By painting a three to four inch border around the ceiling that matches the color of your walls, you can create the illusion of a higher ceiling.

9. Plants

Particularly against light interiors, plants stand out and give your home a beautiful, refreshing appearance without having to overdo your interior decor.

10. Get rid of clutter

Do your part to abolish clutter. This means keeping your possessions to a minimum and having enough storage space for your belongings so that nothing is left out of place.

11. Make use of dead space

Spaces like behind a bedroom door can easily accommodate a foldable ironing board. This is just one example, surely you can think of a couple more!

12. Flat shoe storage units

A flat unit takes up less space than traditional shoe racks, keeps your shoe collection off the floor and can also double as a narrow tabletop to accommodate knick knacks or other belongings.

13. Vertical space

Make the most of vertical space by using rods or pull-down units for drying clothes or hanging up bulky jackets that don't fit in your closet.

14. Small wall hangings

Every house needs a few picture frames or wall hangings to bring the room together. However, many homeowners make the mistake of choosing large articles that take take up too much space, and make the room appear cramped. Instead, select smaller pieces to that work with the size of the room.

15. Choose blinds over curtains

Window blinds are compact in nature and offer complete privacy. What's more, there are plenty of different colors and styles available on the market to match or complement your existing interiors.

This is also one of the more frugal ways to help transform the feel of an apartment. Custom blinds cost more than store-bought, however, so make sure to take measurements before you head to the store.

16. Corner space

From the bathroom to the bedroom, corner spaces can provide storage or shelf space without occupying much room.

17. Wall mounted foldable tables

If your apartment lacks space for a work desk, consider a wall mounted table that you can fold out and use. Similarly, you can have a fold-up dining table to create more room when you need it.

18. Chaise sofas

Bulky couches are not suitable for tiny apartments; chaise sofas, on the other hand, provide additional seating room without taking up too much space.

19. Descending light fixtures and ornaments

Instead of cramping up your living space by using too many wall fixtures, consider lights and ornaments that hang from the ceiling.

20. Indented walls

Like in-built wall storage, indented walls can be used to store and display glassware and other items. Use dim lights to elegantly highlight the items placed here.

21. Play around with colors

While you can't overdo your interior decor for the simple fact that 'less' is 'more', choose vibrant colors for your upholstery and ornaments that will catch one's eye as soon as they walk in. There are many online guides that can help with color selection.

22. Wall mounted hooks

Particularly in the kitchen, wall mounted hooks create extra storage where cabinet storage is scarce. When your pots, pans and other larg utensils hang, they're out of your cabinents and are easily reached.

There you have it, 22 ways to transform your tiny apartment into a more spacious and stylish environment. Enjoy!

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