According to, Faith is defined as "confidence or trust in a person or thing; belief that is not based on proof." Whenever we hear the word faith, however, it's generally used in conjunction with religion. Regardless of whether it's faith in people, places, things, gods or God, relationship and communication are at the very core of what faith is. Without these two cornerstones, the foundation of belief and trust will be rocky at best. For example, I have faith my car will get me from point A to point B, but if I never turn on the car and drive it I will never have evidence of that faith.

The same is true when it comes to instilling faith and character in our children. We as parents must be in constant relationship and communication with our kids if we want them to grow into "fine young adults." And let's face it ... who doesn't? But is there really a way as simple as 1, 2, 3 to help our offspring develop their own faith, trust, beliefs and ultimately voices? Indeed there is, and here are three concepts which will help bring about the proof.

1. Faith starts at birth

The very first feeling of affection your infant ever had was your loving hands pulling you close to your body as you introduce yourself to him. From that moment on, your son trusted you to nurture and develop him, teach him and guide him. At first breath, your son had faith in you to provide for him all the things he couldn't provide for himself. Chances are, at this point, your infant is now either a tween or teen still working on developing his sense of belonging and beliefs and trying to fit in wherever he can. Now is the perfect time to start getting to know your child's likes, dislikes, plans, dreams, secrets so your relationship and communication with him can grow stronger and stronger as his faith in you "having his back" becomes unshakable. There is nothing more noble than blessing your child with the security and confidence to know he is loved unconditionally.

2. Faith removes fear

As you begin to refine your relationship with your daughter, you'll also start to notice shifts in your own faith. You'll crave more and more knowledge of the love God has for you so you, in turn, can share the same unconditional love with her. These shifts may be uncomfortable at first - like taking off a cast you've had to wear for three months - but as you continually cultivate your communication with God, you'll also be fostering a spirit of trust and knowing that because you are infinitely loved worry is no longer necessary. Love casts out fear and frees you up to focus more on the beautiful young woman you have in your life as opposed to all the things that "could" happen to her. Here are some ways to restore faith when things go wrong.

3. Faith changes the world

As you and your children begin to communicate on a deeper and more eye-to-eye level, together you can stand in faith to affect change in not only the lives of your immediate family members but also each person for generations to come. Through healthy relationships and communication - the foundation of being able to undeniably know God's will for each of your lives - you indirectly allow everyone you come in contact with to rise to that same evolving level of faith and fearlessness by creating a ripple effect of change for the better. Again I ask ... who doesn't want that?

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