Some women love it. Some women hate it. But most women probably agree that being pregnant reaps the greatest joy in life - a beautiful baby.

One husband took almost daily pictures of his wife's growing belly to document her physical changes. To make the pictures even more special, he wrote a song called "Something New" to play on his guitar during a time-lapse that shows the pregnancy's progress. At the end of the time-lapse, the wife leaves, but soon she returns with a brand new baby.

The transformation a woman's body undergoes while growing a baby is amazing. How great that this couple decided to capture this progress for us to see. What a treasure they now have to look back on.

Pregnancy changes a woman physically, mentally and spiritually. Women become more sensitive due to hormones and many other factors, so here's a tip for you husbands: you're going to need to be careful about what you say to your wife. Here are 10 things a man should never say to his pregnant wife.

If you're wondering what to expect during pregnancy, read 20 side effects of pregnancy: What your girlfriends won't tell you. Every woman is different during and after pregnancy, but there are many things that all new mothers can relate to - here are some things you can expect after the birth of your baby.

Have you done something special to document your pregnancy? It's a time you won't want to forget!

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